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Is your legacy software not good enough to swat aside the challenges of modern-day business? Switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to leverage collaboration, real-time inventory tracking, and streamline financial processes. The right implementation does matter because without the right implementation, your business runs the risk of losing out on growth opportunities.

Dynamics Square, a leading Microsoft Business Applications partner in Australia, empowers businesses to seize growth opportunities that enable them to excel and reshape the competitive landscape through the utilisation of tailored, business-centric solutions.

Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner
Role of a Successful Dynamics 365 Implementation

Role of a Successful Implementation

Appropriate Dynamics 365 implementation happens to be a key factor in industry success. It offers businesses across sectors an opportunity to streamline processes to enhance customer experiences. Be it the manufacturing sector, finance or retail, Dynamics 365 business applications empower companies to optimise operations and drive growth in today's competitive environment.

An integrated implementation partner revolutionises the industry by bringing together a wide set of capabilities, such as hassle-free implementation and upgrade services. Also, it is important for the implementation partners in the industry to provide their customers and clients with the best after-sales support services.

Major Implementation Challenges

Getting a business solution is not enough. What you need in the contemporary era is the right implementation. Choosing the right implementation partner is of paramount importance if you are looking to take advantage of upcoming business opportunities. However, there are several challenges in dealing with implementation.

Problems With User Adoption
Inability of users to embrace Microsoft Dynamics 365 while they are still accustomed to the legacy software.
Getting Upgrades Done
Alignment With Business Processes
Resistance to Change
Issues With Data Migration
Customisations Might be Difficult

Benefits of Microsoft Business Application Implementation Services

Dynamics Square has years of experience in dealing with and providing support for even the most complicated projects. Whether it is Microsoft Dynamics CRM support or ERP support or any other Microsoft Business Application, our support services cover it all.

Improve business processes

Improve business processes

Increase user skills

Increase user skills

Minimise downtime

Minimise downtime

Accelerate changes

Accelerate changes

Seamless transition

Seamless transition

How Our State-of-the-Art Implementation Services Can Make A Difference?

Our implementation services will ensure that all your systems embrace Dynamics 365 in a hassle-free way. Right from ascertaining your business requirements to providing you with the best Dynamics 365 customisations, we will help you out with just about everything.

Here is a closer look at the major implementation services benefits post a successful implementation:

Automation & collaboration

Automation & collaboration: Dynamics 365, when implemented properly, automates a wide set of manual procedures and provides users with a centralised platform for collaboration

Data-oriented decision making

Data-oriented decision making: With proper implementation, Dynamics 365 solutions can provide users with valuable insights to turn their business into a success.

Better scalability & flexibility

Better scalability & flexibility: Microsoft Dynamics 365 can upscale itself to meet your growing requirements as your business grows.

Cost effective

Cost effective: The subscription-oriented model makes it possible for you to embrace Microsoft Dynamics 365 services at an affordable cost.

Communication is better

Communication is better: Communication is better with Dynamics 365 as it can be integrated with Microsoft Teams for better communication.

Centralised data source

Centralised data source: You get to store all of your data in a single (integrated) space. Share it with your co-workers with ease whilst working together.

Enhanced productivity

Enhanced productivity: As all the recurrent processes get automated, you can focus on your business venture’s key impact areas.

Gain maximum to stay ahead

Gain maximum to stay ahead: Get hassle-free implementation services from our experts to gain maximum from the Dynamics 365 solution.

Get Reliable Implementation for Dynamics 365 Business Solutions

We, at Dynamics Square, have always strived to provide the best implementation services to all kinds of businesses. The idea is to let the businesses gain more with Dynamics 365 business solutions. No matter which Dynamics 365 solutions you are using but are facing problems due to unsuccessful implementation or looking for a customised implementation of a Dynamics 365 business solution, we have you covered.

Here’s What We Provide You With:

Here's How We Can Help?

We provide you with the best services to help take your business to the next level. It does not matter how big or small your requirement is, we are able to help you out with just about everything pertaining to Dynamics 365 business solutions. Discover how our on-priority services can help you.

24x7 Online Support

More than 30+ support
consultants are here to help

24x7 Online Support

Round-the-clock online support

24x7 Online Support

Support centres in different parts of the world

24x7 Online Support

Everything is handled on priority

24x7 Online Support

Access to specialised Microsoft resources

24x7 Online Support

Streamlined complaint management services

24x7 Online Support

Instant solution and complaint redressal

24x7 Online Support

Anytime access to complaint history

24x7 Online Support

Quick Resolution and Escalation Protocol

24x7 Online Support

Tracking and Maintaining Complaint History

Our Implementation Approach

As far as Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation is concerned, the tried and tested approach practiced by Dynamics Square will ensure that all of your business objectives get fulfilled.



Requires a closer look at the company’s requirements. Diagnosis is the first step within the gamut of approach.



Symbolises the initiation of the implementation process. It deals with the overall overview of the business requirements.



This part within the implementation approach deals with the creation of a functional requirement document (FRD).



Building a test system in accordance with the requirements of the organisation is part of this step.

Pre-build entities


User acceptance and training come under this part. Feedback is an important part of the step as well.



Completing the project and providing post-implementation support is part of this step.

Power in Our Implementation Methodology

At Dynamics Square, we provide 2 major kinds of implementations to our customers.

Rapid Implementation

If you are planning to start afresh, then Dynamics Square is here to help you out. An implementation of this type, as the name suggests, is fast. Every single tool, right from finance to sales, is provided to you within no time. This implementation type is tailormade for a company with a shoestring budget.

Standard Implementation

Within standard implementation, you get everything that you need, right from diagnosis to documentation. Dynamics Square is here to provide you with end-to-end implementation of Dynamics 365 business solutions. All in all, this is our standard implementation procedure.

Dynamics 365 Implementation Methodology

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