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Transform Your Business to Stay Ahead with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 from the house of Microsoft is a comprehensive portfolio of cloud-powered business applications that help provide an integrated platform for data-driven decision-making, collaboration, and streamlined workflows, helping organisations optimise their operations to stay ahead.  

Dynamics Square is Australia’s leading Microsoft Business Applications Solution Partner, empowering small and medium businesses to disrupt markets and outpace competitors using the best need-based business centric solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365? 

Take your business up by several notches with Dynamics 365

Powered by the cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a business solution suite comprising innovative business solutions to efficiently manage your front-end and back-end operations. It can assist small and medium business establishments with functions pertaining to sales, finance, supply chain management, services and more. These solutions help you adapt to changing business needs and requirements, whilst keeping barriers at bay.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Breaking Down SMB’s Major Business Challenges

Are you looking to streamline operations, boost efficiency,
and fuel business growth? 

Are these ailing your business?  


Problems with visibility and transparency across the supply chain limit quick decision making


Lack of right demand forecasting and accurate inventory planning capabilities for businesses


Lack of qualitative recruitment and talent acquisition in a competitive market


No targeted lead generation and customer acquisition strategy at a business’ disposal


Problems pertaining to cash flow management & forecasting due to lack of data insights


Dearth of efficient scheduling and dispatching of field technicians leading to low productivity

What Makes Dynamics 365 Service the Preferred Option?

How Dynamics 365 is Impacting the Business Economics?

Unlock the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and take your business to the next level. Businesses have gained a great deal by switching to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite.


Increase in finance personnel’s productivity after using Dynamics 365 for Finance


ROI over three years by using Dynamics 365 Sales


Savings in 3rd party reporting spend using Dynamics 365 Business Central

Embrace Change to Mould the Future of Your Business

Businesses are required to change and adapt to modern technologies for catering to a wide set of growing customer demands. Want to stay ahead of the competition whilst increasing the ROI? Dynamics 365 is here to help.

20% SMBs might be forced to close by 2025 due to a lack of digitalisation

ROI in the supply chain sector increased by 90%

73% of employees express the desire to retain flexible hybrid work options

Benefits PV stands at $44.33 Million

76% of CFOs are concerned with cross-functional collaboration

Payback time is 22 months

Why Dynamics 365 is the Right Choice?

Warm up to the best IT business solutions to grow more. Check to find out why Dynamics 365 is the right choice for your business.

dynamics 365 enterprise pricing

Microsoft's Brand Legacy
and Trust 

CRM Leader

Chosen as Leader in ‘The Forrester Wave’ for CRM Suites in 2022

ERP Leader

Featured as Leader in Nucleus Research ERP Technology Matrix 2022

Sales Leader

Microsoft chosen as leader by Gartner for Sales Force Automation Platforms in 2022


Reduction in the average handling time after using Dynamics 365 Customer Service


Cost savings using Dynamics 365 SCM

Dynamics 365 Solutions

We partner with large enterprises and SMEs across Australia to provide futuristic Dynamics 365 solutions including Dynamics 365 ERP solutions and Dynamics 365 CRM solutions tailored to their needs to accelerate their growth and help them stand out from the crowd. Contact our Dynamics 365 consultants to request a personalised Dynamics 365 demo and transform your business now.

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Can Make a Difference?

When businesses expand, the software solutions they use need to change as well. Also, what businesses need is a cloud-powered platform with a centralised storage facility. Almost all legacy software are not suitable for collaborating with your co-workers on the go. This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 ends up making the difference.

Dynamics 365’s AI capabilities make it possible for users to check predictive analytics regarding demand forecasts, replenishment of inventory, sales, etc. It is a comprehensive solution that will help take your business up by several notches.

Finance Becomes Transparent-microsoft dynamics 365 services

Improve financial transparency: All your finances will remain transparent. Accounts payable and accounts receivable are both visible. All your transaction history can be ascertained.

Sales Processes Get Streamlined-microsoft dynamics 365 software

Sales processes get streamlined: Sellers get connected with customers using preferred channels of communication, all thanks to Dynamics 365 for Sales

Collaborate With Ease-dynamics 365 on premise to cloud migration

Collaborate with ease: Collaborate with experts and get the job done with ease. All the subject matter experts are here to help you out in real-time

Designated Data Storage-ms 365 dynamics

Designated data storage: Access all your important data using a single (centralised) location. Share documents with your co-workers and work on them simultaneously.

Supply Chain planning-microsoft dynamic 365 crm

Smart supply chain planning: You can project demand with AI to take decisions pertaining to inventory. Priority-oriented planning of supplies is made possible in real-time.

Multi-channel marketing-microsoft dynamics 365 crm

Multi-channel marketing: Give rise to journeys dealing with real-time interactions across a wide set of channels, such as push notifications, SMS, email, etc.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Capabilities   

Unleash the full potential of your business using the innovative Dynamics 365 suite of solutions. Make use of specialised solutions for manufacturing, sales, supply chain, finance, marketing, and service operations to grow your business with time.

Discover the major powerful capabilities of Dynamics 365 solutions to stay ahead.

Business Central
A comprehensive business management solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, covering finance, sales, purchasing, and inventory.
Dynamics 365 for Sales
Dynamics 365 for Finance
Dynamics 365 SCM
Partner Relationship Management
Compliance and Security
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Capabilities

Trusted Dynamics 365 Services

We, at Dynamics Square, are here to provide our clients and customers with the best Dynamics 365 after-sales services. No matter how small or stupendous your requirements are, we are here to assist you.

Right from implementation to upgrade and migration, and everything in between, we are here to provide you with the best-in-class services dealing with Dynamics 365. Just get in touch with us and we’d sort things out for you.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing & Licensing

There are several options that you’d be able to choose from when you opt for Microsoft Dynamics 365 business solutions. These have all been tailored to meet a business’s specific requirements. The price of the business solution you choose would depend upon the extent of your business operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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2. What Are Different Dynamics 365 Apps?

3. Is Dynamics 365 An ERP Or CRM?

4. Which CRM Solution Does Dynamics 365 Has?

5. When Does Microsoft Release Dynamics 365 Cumulative Updates?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Success Stories

Check how businesses around the globe are riding the change bandwagon and transforming their business using Microsoft Dynamics 365. Join the club now to beat the competition and scale ahead.

Vivin Imports Embraces Microsoft Dynamics NAV To Handle Its Entire Business

Case Study

Vivin Imports Embraces Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Handle its Entire Business

The Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet embraces digital transformation with Microsoft Teams

Case Study

The Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet embraces digital transformation with Microsoft Teams

Austrade improves CRM, supports Australian economic strategies with Dynamics 365

Case Study

Austrade improves CRM, supports Australian economic strategies with Dynamics 365

Breville’s brewing in new markets at record pace with Dynamics 365

Case Study

Breville’s brewing in new markets at record pace with Dynamics 365

Dynamics Square helped us seamlessly transition from Sage ERP to Business Central, optimizing our Finance, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, and Warehouse functions. This led to immediate benefits, including time savings, optimized inventory, prompt payments, and reduced reconciliation time. I highly recommend Dynamics Square for ERP solutions.

Business Central offers cloud technology. It helps us bring our solution to our partners and customers faster than ever before. It has been the biggest booster for us in the entire history of SwissSalary Ltd.

Building on the top of the innovative Business Central while maintaining our powerful partnership models has been key to how we have grown our customer base by more than 25% per year.

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