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End of Microsoft NAV Mainstream Support: How Can We Help?

Microsoft has ended the mainstream support for Microsoft NAV. This means if you are an existing Microsoft NAV user, you would no longer receive product feature updates or security updates from Microsoft. Businesses still using Microsoft NAV might incur additional costs and limited growth due to a lack of cloud-powered benefits like centralised data and more automated workflow in a legacy solution. No matter if you are looking for NAV technical support, Dynamics NAV Upgrade or Migration to the cloud, we have got you covered.

Dynamics NAV Support

Aren't Ready for Upgrade Yet, Get NAV
Support from Dynamics Square

If you want to continue with Microsoft NAV and are worried about Microsoft ending mainstream support. We have good news for you. Get personalised 24X7 Dynamics NAV support from Australia’s leading Microsoft Business Applications Solutions Partner- Dynamics Square, serving and transforming Australian businesses for 12 Years and counting.

Upgrade to Business Central-upgrade nav 2009 to nav 2018

Upgrade to Business Central

Tired of legacy solutions hampering business growth? Upgrade to a flexible, scalable, extensible modern ERP solution that is Business Central, running all end-to-end business processes all from one unified platform to be future-ready and has a competitive edge to gain more.

Migrate from NAV to Business Central

Migrate from NAV to Business Central

Missing out on the powerful cloud capabilities of Business Central On-Cloud? Migrate On-Premises data to Business Central Online and leverage the advanced in-built features and set of tools such as Machine learning, Power Automate, and Power BI to grow immensely.

Why Upgrade from Dynamics NAV to Business Central: Challenges & Solution

Businesses Encounter Potential Vulnerabilities & Security Risks
The lack of security updates or patches for NAV leaves businesses exposed to vulnerabilities, cyberattacks and unauthorised access. Dynamics Square is the leading Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner and follows a streamlined NAV upgrade methodology to eliminate these challenges.
Higher Ongoing Maintenance & Licensing costs, equipped with more IT Support
Lack of Data Visibility Caused by Disparate Systems
Compatibility Issues Increase the Risk of Security Breaches & System Instability

Tracing the Journey

Tracing the Journey: NAV to Business Central Upgrade

NAV to Business Central

What is Business Central?

Business Central is a Microsoft-developed cloud-based ERP software solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It integrates finance, operations, sales, and customer service functions in one centralised solution to provide better business visibility, connected and unified processes, centralised data, innovative technologies, and modern workflows and be the catalyst to power SMBs to gain more.

Choose Your Deployment Option

While considering the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, one crucial decision businesses face is choosing between a cloud-based deployment or an on-premises deployment. Both options offer distinct advantages & considerations that should be carefully evaluated. Connect to a Business Central consultant to discuss it now.

Features Business Central in Cloud Business Central On-Premises
Responsibility for updates and maintenance Automatic updates & Features Releases from Microsoft. Your IT team or external IT service providers are responsible for this.
Backups & Disaster Recovery Microsoft ensures a 99% assurance for uptime & multiple backups. Count on in-house IT resources to maintain backups.
Scalability Smooth flexibility-only asks for subscription fees for additional users. Need Additional investment in the systems.

How Business Central Can Make a Difference?

Are you operating with a separate piece of software to track data for each department? Are you generating reports manually in Excel spreadsheets? If yes, it’s time to say good-bye to all these tedious tasks. Embrace Business Central today!

Connect all your business operations like sales, production, services, finance, marketing, and services in one unified platform followed by limitless customisations. Foster collaboration, eliminate manual processes and pave the way for business growth & success.

Flexible, scalable & extensible modern ERP solution

Flexible, scalable & extensible modern ERP solution: Adapt to the changing business needs, easily expand functionality as your organisation grows & integrates with other systems.

Stay up to date with the latest cloud-powered technology

Stay up to date with the latest cloud-powered technology: Embrace the latest advancements in Business Central seamlessly without expensive upgrades, patches & backups.

Unlock smarter decision-making using advanced analytics

Unlock smarter decision-making using advanced analytics: Harness the real-time visibility capability of Business Central to elevate your decision-making game & outpace the competition.

Run your business from anywhere

Run your business from anywhere : Stay connected, make informed decisions, and manage your business efficiently, whether you're in the office or on the go.

Unlock new horizons by extending solutions with add-on apps

Unlock new horizons by extending solutions with add-on apps: Expand the capabilities of Business Central with 2000+ Add-on apps from Microsoft Appsource, opening doors to new possibilities.

Trusted Microsoft Cloud & Security

Trusted Microsoft Cloud & Security: Safeguard your critical business data and operations with industry-leading security measures, data encryption, access controls, and regular backups.

Manage complete business processes directly within Outlook

Manage complete business processes directly within Outlook: From within your familiar Outlook interface, you can manage your all-end-to-end business processes.

Are Navision and Business Central the same?

As we delve into the enhanced version of the platform known as Business Central, it is important to address common inquiries:

  • What sets Dynamics 365 Business Central apart from its predecessor NAV, and why is it a superior choice?
  • Are there any modernised adjustments to existing functionalities that users should be aware of?
  • Is it necessary to start the implementation process from scratch or can users upgrade seamlessly to the latest version?
Are Navision and Business Central the same

This table highlights the major differences between Navision & Business Central so that you can comprehend why Business Central is the top choice of reputed SMB leaders in the market.

Features Navision (NAV) Business Central
Deployment On-Premises On-Premises & Cloud-based
User Interface Traditional & Complex User-friendly & Easy-to-Use
Data Management Manual & Time-Consuming Automation & More Data Advancement Features
Integration Limited Robust Integration Capabilities
Artificial Intelligence Doesn’t have AI capabilities Enhanced AI capabilities for automation
Customisation Need Programming Skills for Customisations. Simple Drag-and-Drop Customisation
When you should Upgrade NAV to Business Central

When you should Upgrade NAV to Business Central?

Is your current ERP system not working properly? Is it not accomplishing your evolving business requirements? Recognize the early warning signs and upgrade to Business Central for enhanced functionality and productivity.

Here are some more signs that SMB leaders should be aware of:

  • Current system struggles to accommodate your growing business needs.
  • Increasing productivity decline, increased manual workarounds, or frequent errors.
  • Encountering discrepancies in your financial data, inventory records, or customer information.
  • Existing system fails to integrate with other essential applications, causing data silos and inefficient workflows.
  • Business struggles to meet regulatory requirements or faces difficulties generating compliance reports.
  • Customers experience delays, errors, or inconsistencies in their interactions with your business due to system limitations.

Business Central Upgrade Options

If you have stumbled upon this section, you might be looking for a vendor partner to help you upgrade Dynamics NAV to Business Central. If yes, schedule a free call with the Dynamics Square team and let the experts take care of it.

When you engage with our team of Dynamics 365 experts, we will conduct a thorough assessment of your current Dynamics NAV version, considering your organisation's requirements, industry type, operations, and other relevant parameters. Based on this comprehensive analysis, we will provide you with a tailored quote that best suits your needs.

Business Central Upgrade Options-nav upgrade pricing

Why Choose Dynamics Square as your Upgrade Partner?

At Dynamics Square, we specialise in smooth and efficient transitions, ensuring that your upgrade is a hassle-free experience. With expert consultation, meticulous data migration, tailored customisation, seamless integration, comprehensive user training, and ongoing support, we ensure a smooth transition. Partner with us for a hassle-free upgrade and unlock the enhanced capabilities of Business Central.

Why Choose Dynamics Square as your Upgrade Partner-navision support

Trusted Dynamics 365 Partner Services

Are you an existing Dynamics 365 solutions user-facing service issues that are impacting your business performance? Just using a business solution is not enough, having a technology or support services partner is equally important to ensure uninterrupted operations. No matter if you are an existing NAV user looking for support services, or someone looking to upgrade to Dynamics 365 solutions, we have you covered.

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with our trusted services for seamless implementation and comprehensive support.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner Services-Microsoft Dynamics NAV help

Dynamics NAV Upgrade Assessment Plan

Are you planning to upgrade NAV to Business Central? If this is on your mind, Dynamics Square can assist you with the free assessment plan given below. Let’s discuss our evaluation process specifically designed to help our clients know the accurate, and cost estimation while upgrading the Business Central Project.

2 Hours Functional Assessment

This option is all about examining the current system of your organisation, including the pain areas that need to improve, training requirements, upgrade needs and uncovering the strategies for the Business Central Upgrade project.

2 Days Technical Analysis

This option is all about calculating the fixed quotation of your Business Central Upgrade project. By accessing all your emerging or existing requirements, customisations, ISVs, and third-party applications integrations, we’ll give you the quotation or proposal for NAV to Business Central Upgrade project

Dynamics NAV Upgrade Assessment Plan-nav upgrade methodology

Frequently Asked Questions

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