Dynamics 365 Commerce

Deliver Seamless and Personalised Shopping Experience Across Offline & Digital Channels

An end-to-end commerce solution that unifies back-office, in-store, call centre, and provides personalised buying experiences to win customers’ loyalty, ameliorate employee productivity & optimise critical processes altogether.

Dynamics Square, a leading Microsoft Business Applications partner in Australia, empowers businesses to seize growth opportunities that enable them to excel and reshape the competitive landscape through the utilisation of tailored, business-centric solutions.

Dynamics 365 Commerce Partner

What is Dynamics 365 Commerce?

Microsoft has relaunched Dynamics 365 Retail as Dynamics 365 Commerce, offering added smart and innovative features like 360-degree omnichannel commerce across e-commerce operations (in-store, call centre, back office, and digital storefront).

Dynamics 365 for Commerce is an integrated yet composable cloud-based ERP solution that empowers e-commerce leaders to develop brand loyalty through personalised customer interactions. It also helps them to optimise critical operations, while mitigating costs, increasing employee productivity that delivers the best possible business outcomes.

Dynamics 365 Retail is now Dynamics 365 Commerce

Breaking Down the Major Commerce Challenges

 Are you looking for a solution that empowers your team and provide a seamless
omnichannel experience to customers & business partners?​

Are these ailing your business?


Evolving customer behaviour for routine product offerings, ineffective marketing strategies, and subpar experience


Incomplete data hinders in gaining real-time insights into customer behaviour, purchase patterns, and preferences


No digital self-service purchase options limits you from providing effortless experience to the customers


Siloed data view results in operational inefficiencies, hindering collaboration, limiting data access, and wrong decisions


Reactive actions due to lack of real-time insights and automation to respond to customer demands and trends


Reporting limitations hinder tracking KPIs in sales, customer acquisition costs, and inventory turnover

What Makes Dynamics 365 Commerce the Preferred Option?

How Dynamics 365 Commerce is Impacting the Business Economics?

Deploying Dynamics 365 Commerce means your business has opened the door to achieving unprecedented growth & success. Its impact on the business economies is undeniable. Join the club of successful businesses embracing this transformational platform.


ROI with Dynamics 365 Commerce over the 3 years


17 months

$1.5 Million

An uplift in retail store sales with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

The road to the future is paved with digitalisation

Just like a king, the customers wear the crown. Their choices and preferences hold immense influence, determining the fate of the business. All the evolving commerce businesses need to embrace change by switching to cloud-based unified agile solutions that prioritise customer engagement, product transformation, optimised operations, and empower employees to become more productive.

20% SMBs might be forced to close by 2025 due to a lack of digitalisation

Companies experienced a 50% uplift in their e-commerce sales just a few months after launch

73% of employees express the desire to retain flexible hybrid work options

E-commerce stores have saved 15% productivity post Dynamics 365 Commerce Implementation

76% of CFOs are concerned with cross-functional collaboration

Clerk saves 20% of their time with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

What makes Dynamics 365 Commerce the ideal choice?

What makes Dynamics 365 Commerce the ideal choice is in response to its seamless omnichannel experience, robust inventory management, personalised customer interactions, and powerful analytics. All these together drive limitless business growth and customer satisfaction.

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Want to know how Dynamics 365 Commerce can make a
difference to your business?

How Dynamics 365 Commerce Can Make a Difference?

Explore the potential of Dynamics 365 Commerce and witness the profound impact it can have on your business. Streamline operations, enhance employee productivity, deliver exceptional personalised shopping experiences to customers & partners, optimise sales strategies, and achieve unparalleled growth. Discover the remarkable difference it can make to your business's bottom line.

Create engaging, smart & digital storefronts-dynamics 365 for retail support

Create engaging, smart & digital storefronts​ by utilising built-in ​web authoring and easy-to-use development tools.​

Gain a connected view-dynamics 365 for retail solutions-microsoft cloud for retail

Gain a connected view of marketing & commerce operations like content, assets, promotions, inventory & pricing altogether.

Proactive actions

Proactive actions using an advanced set of in-built tools & capabilities in Dynamics 365 Commerce that facilitates pro-active decision-making.

Omnichannel selling capabilities-d365 for retail

Omnichannel selling capabilities along with real-time inventory visibility, enhance commerce businesses' operations and customer experience.

Revolutionise customer choice-microsoft dynamics 365 for retail

Revolutionise customer choice by granting them unrestricted access to the full product catalogue across all channels, irrespective of stock levels or location.

Revolutionise customer choice-dynamics 365 for retail

Improve cross-selling and up-selling using AI-based relevant suggestions to customers and improve the attach rate leading to better buying proposition.

Dynamics 365 Commerce At a Glance  

Check out this video to know more about Dynamics 365 Commerce.  

Dynamics 365 Commerce Capabilities

Say goodbye to all emerging commerce business challenges in no time by incorporating the Dynamics 365 Commerce power-pack with advanced capabilities of holistic omnichannel solutions, optimised inventory management, personalised customer journeys, actionable insights, and effortless system integration for massive business success. Discover the major Dynamics 365 Commerce capabilities below:

Multi-channel Engagement
Empower customers and partners with flexible purchase options, ensuring consistent engagement & seamless transactions on any device.
Building Customer Loyalty
Launch your Digital Store
AI-Powered Commerce Intelligence
Smooth Commerce Operations
Rapidly Grow Globally

Reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce Services

We are Australia’s premium & reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce consultant in Australia. Our expert team provides comprehensive support, from implementation to ongoing maintenance, ensuring seamless operations.

Using our industry expertise, commerce businesses can easily leverage advanced features of Dynamics 365 Commerce like omnichannel capabilities, inventory management, and personalised customer interactions to drive business growth. Trust in our trusted Dynamics 365 Commerce Support services for your commerce needs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce Services


Dynamics 365 Commerce Pricing & Licensing

There are three kinds of cost structures associated with the investment in Dynamics 365 Commerce such as a one-time implementation fee, annual license costs, and annual support & maintenance fees. The implementation fee may vary depending on the complexity of the business and the level of customisations you need.

The pricing of this solution is divided into two parts and the first one is Dynamics 365 commerce which costs you $247.10 per user per month, and the second one is $5,492 per user per month. Choose the Dynamics 365 Commerce licensing option that’s right for your business. Contact us to purchase or to get a free assessment, consulting services, or additional Dynamics 365 Commerce Pricing help.

Dynamics 365 Commerce

$269.40per user/month

  • Includes core capabilities to manage omnichannel retail operations.

E-Commerce Add-In for Dynamics 365 Commerce

$5,492per user/month

  • Includes e-commerce management for Dynamics 365 Commerce.
  • Requires Dynamics 365 Commerce

* The above-mentioned pricing is subject to change without notice. Always consult our licensing expert for the latest and updated licensing cost and pricing.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Success Stories

Check how businesses around the globe are riding the change bandwagon and transforming their business using Microsoft Dynamics 365. Join the club now to beat the competition and scale ahead.

Vivin Imports Embraces Microsoft Dynamics NAV To Handle Its Entire Business

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Vivin Imports Embraces Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Handle its Entire Business

The Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet embraces digital transformation with Microsoft Teams

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The Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet embraces digital transformation with Microsoft Teams

Austrade improves CRM, supports Australian economic strategies with Dynamics 365

Case Study

Austrade improves CRM, supports Australian economic strategies with Dynamics 365

Breville’s brewing in new markets at record pace with Dynamics 365

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Breville’s brewing in new markets at record pace with Dynamics 365

Dynamics Square helped us seamlessly transition from Sage ERP to Business Central, optimizing our Finance, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, and Warehouse functions. This led to immediate benefits, including time savings, optimized inventory, prompt payments, and reduced reconciliation time. I highly recommend Dynamics Square for ERP solutions.

Business Central offers cloud technology. It helps us bring our solution to our partners and customers faster than ever before. It has been the biggest booster for us in the entire history of SwissSalary Ltd.

Building on the top of the innovative Business Central while maintaining our powerful partnership models has been key to how we have grown our customer base by more than 25% per year.

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