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Guide on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation: Plan, Methodology & Cost

22 October 2021
Sam Peterson
Sam Peterson
Guide on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation: Plan, Methodology & Cost

Hey there, Business Professionals! Are you looking for Dynamics 365 Implementation (ERP, CRM) to unlock your business potential? If yes, you are on the right track to achieve your goal. We understand that successfully implementing Dynamics 365 is challenging without proper knowledge. Therefore, we have developed this definitive guide to help you discover valuable tips for successful implementation. 

But let me first give you a quick overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 before delving into the strategic implementation process. It is a comprehensive cloud-based business management solution to streamline all your business activities for continuous growth. Dynamics 365 is a powerful combination of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite of applications.  

All applications of the product suite from the house of Microsoft are compatible, allowing you to effectively serve vital aspects of your business. Hence, Dynamics 365 implementation is the need of the hour to always stay ahead in this cut-throat competition. This blog will act as an ultimate guide to providing a practical Dynamics 365 implementation plan regardless of the business size.  

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 is a collection of integrated, modular Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps and services that are meant to change and enable your core customers, workers, and business operations. It integrates your data, business reasoning, and operations, combining CRM and ERP features. As a result, rather than having separate, segregated sales and marketing processes, Dynamics 365 provides automated, integrated, and cognitive sales and marketing tools that quickly connect, prioritise, and turn leads into customers who pay. It is based on Azure by Microsoft, which provides a reliable platform as well as a diverse array of services. It is also fully linked with Microsoft 365's productivity tools, allowing you to manage people and services in a single manner. 

Why your business needs Dynamics 365 Implementation: Major Challenges

Why your business needs Dynamics 365 Implementation: Major Challenges

Boosting Profitability

More than three-quarters of firms fail owing to an absence of cash flow.  The most difficult task that firms confront is dealing with money or financial concerns. There must be adequate revenue to cover invoices, overhead expenditures, unforeseen charges, and so on. One way may be to set aside some money. Another option is to utilise a money management programme or make a budget. 

Many firms are dealing with clients that are delaying payments or have unpaid debts.  Using an online invoice system might be the solution here. Invoices might serve as a polite reminder to clients that their money is now due. 

How Can Dynamics 365 Help?

Enhancing relations with clients is critical to earning profits. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you to give seamless customer care to your clients by allowing you to:   

  • Carry out comprehensive follow-up with clients.  Interactions with clients, suggestions for action, and general comments may all be logged in to Dynamics 365 and viewed by your whole team. >
  • Set follow-up reminders for certain assignment opportunities or clients. As a result, Dynamics 365 gives you a 360-degree perspective of your client. 

Keeping a unified customer and prospect database

Customer knowledge is a strong sales tool. Data-driven insights about your consumers and prospects might help you develop successful revenue-growth plans. It can also act as an impetus for improved account management and cross-team communication. 

 How Can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Help? 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a simple, easy-to-use programme for managing all of your company's critical interactions.  Dynamics 365 provides you with a comprehensive and reliable business accounting and management solution, providing order summaries to your team. They can utilise that data to either cross-sell or up-sell items to your consumer bases. 

When you integrate your sales team's data and procedures with intelligent business apps, they will have the insights they need to prosper. 

Establishing A Sales Pipeline Management That Works

Without a dependable, user-friendly pipeline management system, your sales staff will be following the gusts of wind. To achieve their sales objectives, businesses must be able to track essential information and implement an organised sales process with predetermined procedures.  

How Can Dynamics 365 Help? 

 Your sales professionals will know what steps to take next if they have clear insight into where every customer is in the sales cycle. They may use Processes in Dynamics 365 to streamline the qualifying process and ensure that relevant procedures are adhered to at every step of the sales cycle. 

The Need to Increase A Sales Representative’s Efficiency

Spending countless hours every single day on administrative duties reduces the amount of time your staff can spend on revenue-generating engagement with clients. It saps productivity and energy while adding little to your bottom line. These tasks are required but bring little value, thus they should be completed as quickly as possible. Streamlining and automating your procedures will make your staff more productive and, eventually, more successful. 

How Can Dynamics 365 Help?

The ability to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Outlook increases a salesperson's productivity.  With a few clicks, they can access Personal Views, Sample Panes, Commonly Used lists, and trace inbound and outgoing emails to your important pieces of data.  It is not necessary to move between apps. 

Integration with Microsoft Excel allows for the simple manipulation, summarisation, and reporting of data. Personal mail merge templates may be created in Microsoft Word, and processes can automatically trigger follow-ups or alerts for future actions and crucial events. 

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Significance of Dynamics 365 CRM implementation: Major Benefits

Significance of Dynamics 365 CRM implementation: Major Benefits

Boost Earnings and Sales

Everyone understands that increased sales are critical to the success of a firm.  There is a strong link between increased sales and excellent customer service.  You might say the two complement each other. Customers that have a pleasant customer experience are more inclined to return and suggest firms. This definitely has an impact on your sales.  CRM can automate numerous time-consuming procedures, allowing your sales force to focus on what they do best: sell.  Spending less time on tasks like writing follow-up emails and producing quotations will give you a greater opportunity to focus on selling.  This, in turn, makes your salesmen happy, which makes your organisation more successful. 

 Keeps You Well-Organised

Another important aspect of a firm is organisation. You may believe that you can save all relevant information in your mind and depend on previous emails, however there are some clear benefits to having all of the data in Dynamics 365.  A successful CRM consolidates email messages, assignments, and calendars into a single, easily maintained and controlled area. Using Dynamics 365 enables you to centralise all essential customer information, making it simple to update and view the updates of others. This makes it easy to work with people in your company. Your firm will become more organised and successful if you use Microsoft Dynamics 365 software. 

Efficient Time Management

Having a good business software is advantageous not just for your business's marketing and customer service teams.  It makes everyone's work simpler in your organisation, enhancing production. With a competent CRM, your staff will spend less time on repetitive chores and a greater amount of time on the tasks that they are supposed to perform. Time is a limited asset in business. Therefore, you need to make judicious use of it if you wish to propel your business.  

Metrics and Comprehensive Reporting

Good metrics and thorough reporting are critical to your company's development and success. It is critical to know how many successful initiatives you have had in the past. It's also useful to be able to rapidly indicate your conversion ratio. Because your time is important, why not make use of technology? Dynamics 365 provides fast measurements of hundreds of facets of your organisation with no effort, making your life much simpler! Using personalised dashboards, you may quickly and easily get the information you want. Dynamics 365 also enables you to design reports that are totally customised to your company's needs and operations. 

Use previous data to forecast the future

Dynamics 365 records all client conversations. With all interactions and chats in one place, you can instantly go back to a previous time and observe how things have evolved with a certain customer. This history enables you to examine previous patterns, evaluate strengths and flaws, and continuously improve. You can examine your pipeline of possible agreements, giving you a good idea of the amount of business you might expect in the future.  Every encounter is an opportunity to learn.  Dynamics 365 enables you to acquire knowledge from the past in order to create future changes. 

Significance of Dynamics 365 CRM Implementation

In today's competitive world, satisfying customers' ever-evolving demands is critical to sustaining your business with optimum productivity. The dynamic, robust architecture facilitates the automation of sales, marketing, and field service processes with 360-degree insights into customer behaviour and preferences. Therefore, to enhance your customer experience with real-time customer data, investing in Dynamics 365 CRM implementation is inevitable. 

Tips for Successful Dynamics 365 Implementation

Tips for Successful Dynamics 365 Implementation

Implementing a business management solution can only bear the fruit of the result when it complies with your unique business requirements, standards, and budget. Deciding on implementing the correct Dynamics 365 solution from the suite of solutions can become overwhelming. Get ready to explore the Dynamics 365 implementation project plan.  

Set your Goals 

The initial phase is determining your objectives for utilising a business management solution for your enterprise. You can create a list of measurable goals aligned with your business mission and vision, such as current pain points, potential efficiency gain, etc. It will enable you to choose the appropriate feature to implement to avoid unnecessary investment.  

Cross-functional Team Planning to Cover All Bases

Developing a strategic structure to achieve your targets is the next step. Creating a cross-functional team with specific business knowledge in their respective fields would be the best action. Along with IT professionals, business analysts and subject-matter experts help you create a broader business perspective and successfully execute the implementation process to ensure the solution meets your objectives. 

Collaborating with Dynamics 365 Implementation Partners

Your in-house team may not have the required capabilities or experience to implement Dynamics 365 successfully. The implementation process can be time-consuming, distracting your team from essential tasks and impacting productivity. Therefore, a Microsoft partner who can help you install the solution seamlessly with customisation, great licensing deals, and tech support within your stipulated time is necessary. 

Data Migration

You need to specify the data to be migrated to the new system, carefully removing unnecessary and outdated information. You must scrutinise and validate data accuracy with source documents. Through spreadsheets, you can arrange the cleaned-up data into logical tables to ensure seamless data transformation into an agile business management system. 

Training and testing

Testing the implementation process using sample data is essential to ensure smooth implementation and validate system output. It is necessary to eliminate any performance problems before the complete launching of the implementation process. Training technical staff members can help solve low-level user issues, allowing your IT team to manage more significant problems. 

Right Approach to Dynamics 365 Implementation Plan

Right Approach to Dynamics 365 Implementation Plan

<p>The right Dynamics 365 implementation plan is essential for a successful implementation process. Without a proper plan, businesses may face delays, cost overruns, and sometimes failure in achieving the goal. The following steps will show you how to start the implementation process: </p>

<p>The process entails understanding the organisation's needs, evaluating product suitability, and creating a work statement that reflects these aspects </p>

<h3>Analysis</h3> <p>It signifies the beginning of the implementation process, defining the activities to be initiated in a logical order </p>

<h3>Design</h3> <p>This step includes the creation of a functional requirement document based on your specific business needs </p>

<h3>Development</h3> <p>It is time to build the test system component once approved in design specifications </p>

<h3>Deployment</h3> <p>This step includes providing essential training to users, conducting user acceptance testing and feedback integration etc. </p>

<h3>Operational</h3> <p>The last step determines the necessary tasks for finishing the project and offers post-implementation support </p>

<h2>Dynamics 365 Implementation Methodology</h2>

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A well-designed methodology ensures that the implementation team works efficiently with a structured approach to deliver the project on time and within budget. It can help detect potential issues at an early stage and avoid costly mistakes down the line.  

Rapid Implementation Process

The rapid implementation process enables the quick implementation of innovative solutions in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Small and mid-sized businesses opt for this process on their 1st-time implementation. 

Standard Implementation Process

Companies that have complex business systems that require the personalisation of solutions to suit their unique business needs consider standard implementation processes. The standard implementation process integrates and customises solutions according to the business objectives through proper analysis and end-user training. 

Dynamics 365 Implementation Cost

Dynamics 365 Implementation Cost

The cost of Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation would depend upon a wide set of factors. To begin with, a cloud-oriented implementation would cost you way less than the on-remises model. Well, that is because an on-premises model would require you to invest heavily in order to meet your hardware requirements. For more details on this, contact Dynamics Square executives right away.  

How to choose Dynamics 365 Implementation Partners

It is critical to understand whom you are going to be working with. Your technological partner should share your company's and personal values. Fortunately, Dynamics Square is here to help you out with the implementation process, every step of the way.  Get in touch with them right away if you are looking to warm up to Microsoft Dynamics 365 anytime soon. 

Why is Dynamics Square the best Implementation & Support Partner?

The technical experts at Dynamics Square are well-equipped with the required technical expertise and know the In-and-Out of Dynamics 365. They understand the organisational processes through years of experience to give you a seamless implementation experience. It is the leading Microsoft Support Partner in Australia and offers implementation, upgradation, post-implementation support and consultation services at the best competitive prices to help you achieve your business goals. 

Till now, Dynamics Square has successfully delivered 500+ projects with 99% customer satisfaction. Our 12+ years of experience and successful client stories ensure that we understand individual customers' unique requirements and effectively satisfy their needs with tailored solutions within their budget and timeline.  

Dynamics 365 Implementation FAQs 

1. When should ERP/CRM to be implemented? 

Implement a CRM or ERP solution whenever: 

  • You encounter a sluggish business season. 
  • You are in need of a unified software to meet your business needs 
  • You need a cloud-powered business solution 
  • When your organisational structure is not sound,

2. How long does a Dynamics 365 Implementation take?

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 should require about two months for a small firm with few employees that wish to just install finance modules. The same procedure would take 3-6 months for a mid-sized firm. Simply put, the implementation time will be different for different types and kinds of businesses. 

3. Why should I consider an Implementation Partner?

The implementation partner is generally an authorized, contracted vendor of the software supplier who understands the technology, best practises, and roadmap for customising an installation to the demands of each individual customer. The whole implementation lifecycle includes more than just the first deployment. Dynamics Square is one of the best implementation partners for you to get in touch with if you are planning to shift to Microsoft Dynamics 365 anytime soon.  

What are the types of Dynamics 365 implementation services?

Dynamics Square is the leading Microsoft Business Applications solution partner in Australia. Our team of Dynamics 365 experts provides a host of implementation services as per your business needs. The major implementation services for Dynamics 365 solutions include:

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation
  • Dynamics 365 Finance Implementation
  • Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Implementation
  • Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service Implementation
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service Implementation
  • Dynamics 365 Marketing Implementation
  • Dynamics 365 Commerce(Retail) Implementation
  • Dynamics 365 Human Resources(Talent) Implementation
  • Dynamics 365 Project Operations Implementation

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The Dynamics 365 ERP and Dynamics 365 CRM implementation plan will help you to take your business to the next level. The intuitive business management solution effectively streamlines all business activities with real-time synchronisation. Do not wait any further! It is time for Dynamics 365 implementation to revolutionise your business and stay ahead. 

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