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Unlock Limitless Manufacturing Growth with Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Leverage the capabilities of Dynamics 365 solutions with a holistic view of the business to optimise operations, improve productivity, streamline supply chain management, enhance collaboration, and drive innovation. Bring agility and scalability needed to stay ahead of the curve in today’s digital landscape.

Dynamics Square, a leading Microsoft Business Applications partner in Australia, empowers businesses to seize growth opportunities that enable them to excel and reshape the competitive landscape through the utilisation of tailored, business-centric solutions.

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Manufacturing Industry At a Glance: Role of Technology

The manufacturing industry has always been at the forefront of technological advancements, leveraging innovative solutions to optimise operations, improve productivity, and drive business growth. Among the various cutting-edge manufacturing ERPs that have emerged as game-changers, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing solutions stands out and empowers manufacturers to harness the full potential of technology.

From streamlining operations, enhancing collaboration & communication, and facilitating data-driven decisions for empowering manufacturers to become customer-centric, it got you covered.

Manufacturing Industry At a Glance
Grow Your Manufacturing Business with Dynamics 365

Grow Your Manufacturing Business with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing solutions enable real-time visibility into production, inventory, and sales data, empowering manufacturers to make informed decision-making. By leveraging advanced analytics and business intelligence capabilities, they can identify opportunities for process optimisation and cost reduction.

It also facilitates collaboration and communication among teams. Welcome this growth-driven technology to achieve sustainable growth, enhance operational efficiency, and stay ahead in a competitive market.

Manufacturing Industry Challenges

Would you like to overcome these challenges of the manufacturing industry?

The level of competition in the manufacturing sector necessitates tackling significant pain points such as supply chain disruptions, inefficient production processes, quality control issues, and the requirements for real-time visibility.


Struggling to coordinate with suppliers, optimising inventory levels and logistics operations


No tracking of equipment performance & maintenance schedule leads to high equipment maintenance


Difficult to optimise production sequences, balance workloads, and handle unforeseen disruptions effectively


Lack of real-time data analysis means manufacturers get no access to accurate data, impacting overall performance


High customer dissatisfaction due to poor quality control, tracking defects, and delay in implementing corrective actions


No regulatory compliance potentially leads to legal issues, reputational damage, and loss of customer trust

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Suite for the Manufacturing Industry

Dynamics 365 is not only agile but also solves modern-day challenges in a manufacturing business. It helps you tighten the weakest link in your supply chain, improves the complete manufacturing cycle, reduces waste efficiently, and improves margins.

Agile manufacturing

Agile manufacturing

Improved production planning

Improved production planning

Optimised supply chain

Optimised supply chain

Better ROI

Better ROI

Enhanced Innovation

Enhanced innovation

Time to market

Time to market

Predictive insights

Predictive insights

Personalised customer service

Personalised customer service

Looking to streamline manufacturing operations, drive growth, and improve profitability?

Are you struggling to manage your manufacturing business operations effectively? If yes, investing in a cloud-based robust ERP solution should be on your mind that ensures the smooth functioning of all critical operations. Nothing could be better than Dynamics 365 solutions. Leverage powerful analytics and forecasting tools to make data-driven decisions and simplify manufacturing management with business solutions specifically designed for manufacturing businesses.

From streamlining your manufacturing processes, gaining real-time visibility into production, inventory, and quality control, automated workflows, optimising resource allocation, and reducing downtime, Dynamics 365 solutions would cover all bases.

Manage all critical business processes

Manage all critical business processes: A business can manage all critical operations through effective integration capabilities.

Say goodbye to customer backorders

Say goodbye to customer backorders: Achieve Comprehensive visibility at every step to eliminate customer backorders.

Streamline your operations and reclaim your time

Streamline your operations and reclaim your time: Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to automation with Dynamics 365 suite!

Cut down on inventory costs effortlessly

Cut down on inventory costs effortlessly: Gain visibility of your assets and stock levels to identify overspending areas.

Enhanced Collaboration & Communication

Enhanced Collaboration & Communication: Experience seamless collaboration and communication among stakeholders.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence: Harness the power of data analytics to optimise processes, identify bottlenecks & predict maintenance needs.

IoT Integration

IoT Integration: Gain real-time insights, improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance product quality.

Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency: Reduce your IT infrastructure costs by paying for the resources your business actually needs.

Business Solutions for Manufacturing

We understand each business runs on a specific operating model and has different goals to achieve its business goal. Contact our Dynamics 365 consultants now to choose the best business solutions for your manufacturing business from Dynamics 365 solution suite to have maximum impact.

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Why Dynamics 365 is the Right Choice?

Warm up to the best business management solutions to grow more. Check to find out why Dynamics 365 is the best solution for you.

Microsoft's Brand Legacy and Trust

Microsoft's Brand Legacy
and Trust 


Boost in Finance Personnel Productivity with Dynamics 365 Finance


Companies reduced AHT (Average Handling Time) with Dynamics 365 Customer Service


Hike in ROI over three years using Dynamics 365 Sales

5 Star

Rated 5 Star (cost, feature, ease of use, service) by Forbes Advisor

Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing At a Glance

Aren’t you ready yet? watch the video to learn more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Success Stories

Check how businesses around the globe are riding the change bandwagon and transforming their business using Microsoft Dynamics 365. Join the club now to beat the competition and scale ahead.

Vivin Imports Embraces Microsoft Dynamics NAV To Handle Its Entire Business

Case Study

Vivin Imports Embraces Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Handle its Entire Business

The Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet embraces digital transformation with Microsoft Teams

Case Study

The Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet embraces digital transformation with Microsoft Teams

Austrade improves CRM, supports Australian economic strategies with Dynamics 365

Case Study

Austrade improves CRM, supports Australian economic strategies with Dynamics 365

Breville’s brewing in new markets at record pace with Dynamics 365

Case Study

Breville’s brewing in new markets at record pace with Dynamics 365

Business Central has been our platform of choice for 30+ years. We enabled more than six thousand customers around the world with this solution. It gives customers a seamless integration between Backoffice and store, restaurant, or hotel management, which is unique to the market.

Business Central offers cloud technology. It helps us bring our solution to our partners and customers faster than ever before. It has been the biggest booster for us in the entire history of SwissSalary Ltd.

Building on the top of the innovative Business Central while maintaining our powerful partnership models has been key to how we have grown our customer base by more than 25% per year.

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