Dynamics 365 Business Central vs QuickBooks

Delve into the analysis of popular accounting solutions Dynamics 365 Business Central and QuickBooks to empower your decision-making process in choosing the best solution to serve your business requirements.

Dynamics Square, a leading Microsoft Business Applications partner in Australia, empowers businesses to seize growth opportunities that enable them to excel and reshape the competitive landscape through the utilisation of tailored, business-centric solutions.

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What is an Accounting Solution?

As businesses progress, manual processes and disconnected accounting practices cease supporting business growth. Therefore, businesses seek a sophisticated accounting solution that serves as a unified platform for gathering, documenting, organising, managing, retrieving and distributing accounting data and various financial details.

An advanced accounting solution enhances financial operations by facilitating streamlined data entry and retrieval, thus mitigating the potential for human errors in record-keeping and calculations. It increases financial accuracy and saves time by automating ledger management, invoicing, payroll processing and tax calculations.

What is Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Business Central is Microsoft's cloud-based ERP solution tailored to streamline and automate business processes for small to midsized enterprises. Business Central extends beyond financial capabilities, offering comprehensive tools to connect functions, automate the supply chain, enhance customer interactions and drive data-driven decisions for accelerated business growth and revenue.

What is QuickBooks?

Intuit designed QuickBooks to assist small businesses in managing various financial responsibilities. It includes tasks such as invoicing customers, processing payments for bills, creating reports and facilitating tax preparation. Intuit added web-based features to QuickBooks, like remote access, payroll support, online payments, banking and email functions through Outlook and Google marketing.

What is Business Central?

Business Central and QuickBooks Comparison

Dynamics 365 Business Central and QuickBooks are versatile solutions catering to a wide range of businesses, offering tools for accounting, financial tracking and more. Nevertheless, they exhibit significant differences in terms of features, scalability, target audience and various other factors.

The worth of a solution to a business becomes evident when it can effectively meet its unique requirements. Therefore, it's essential to conduct a comparison of both solutions to determine which one will precisely fulfil your business needs.



Business Central









Cloud-based, On-premises, Hybrid

Cloud-based and On-premises

Payroll Management






Data Security



Track Business activity









Pricing & Licensing


Business Central


Latest Version

Dynamics 365 Business Central



Essential- $104.80 per user/month
Premium- $149.70 per user/month
Team Members- $12 per user/ month

Simple Start- $12.50 per month
Essential- $20 per month
Plus- 27.50 per month


A user can obtain licensing for one of the following licensing options.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials

  • Financial Management
  • Customer Relational Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Human Resources
  • Project Management

Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium

Service Order Management and Manufacturing in addition to all the features of Business Central Essential.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Team Member

It grants restricted access to specific data and functionalities in Business Central deployments, allowing for read-only capabilities.

For self-employed or small businesses with simple requirements


  • Free onboarding session
  • Track income expenses
  • Send unlimited invoices and quotes
  • Snap and store receipts
  • Track kilometres
  • Connect your bank
  • Track GST & e-lodge BAS
  • Insights & reports
  • Cash flow planner
  • Phone and chat messaging support


  • All the features included in Simple Start
  • Free data migration
  • Manage suppliers and bills
  • Multi-currency
  • Set-up recurring transactions
  • Manage users (up to 3)


  • All the features included in Essentials
  • Manage Users (Upto 5)
  • Track Inventory
  • Track Projects and locations
  • Manage Budgets

Why Business Central is the Right Choice?

Business Central stands out as an ideal accounting solution due to its extensive set of features and capabilities that cater to the diverse needs of a business. Unlike QuickBooks, which primarily deals with financial operations, Business Central takes a more comprehensive approach to business management.

Business Central entails the seamless integration of finance, sales, customer service and other aspects of the business into a real-time unified platform. Let's look at the pivotal factors in choosing Dynamics 365 Business Central over Quickbooks.

QuickBooks provides essential tools to streamline only your finance and accounting business operations. Whereas Business Central is an ERP solution with modules for managing finance, sales and service, projects, supply chain and operations. Therefore, beyond accounting capabilities, Business Central empowers you to connect every aspect of your business to unleash your potential.
Security Features
Automation Capability
Real-Time Information

The Role of Dynamics Square

Dynamics Square stands out as the top preference when selecting a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner, empowering Australian businesses to achieve unprecedented success. For 15 years, we have specialised in Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, mastering their capabilities to tackle any industry challenges effectively.

Our team consistently help businesses stay relevant in a constantly evolving digital landscape through 24/7 support services and in-person product training. The strong core team with more than 100 Microsoft-certified professionals follow a strategic implementation process to ensure project success.

If you are eager to move forward with a personalised, quick-start package for Dynamics 365 Business Central or are seeking a prompt quote for Business Central, we invite you to reach out to our team at Dynamics Square.

What is Business Central?

Frequently Asked Questions

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2. What is the process of transitioning from QuickBooks to Business Central?

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