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Microsoft Dynamics Navision (NAV) is an easy to integrate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution with various business management features, including multi-language, multi-currency, and more.

Over 110,000 Small to Medium sized businesses across the globe have recognized and implemented this result-driven Business Management Solution, ensuring higher Return on Investment (ROI).

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Solution Capabilities

Dynamics NAV Solutions smartly manage and integrate all the mission-critical processes, including sales, purchasing, accounting, and others to ensure Businesses to Grow! Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an intelligent client-vendor management system with an embedded user-friendly interface that enables business operation teams to perform productively, while business leaders see their Venture Flourish, as they Desired!

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Financial Management

Monitors assets, investments, money exchanges, along with other financial transactions, while ensures real-time updates.

Sales and Marketing - Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Sales and Marketing

Analyzes sales-patterns and identifies appropriate marketing strategies to further improvise promotional campaigns, contracts, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Project Management - Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Project Management

Tracks and Evaluates logs of critical operations metrics, including working-hours, quotations, resources, capabilities, and project targets.

Supply Chain Management - Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Supply Chain Management

Streamlines the complete life-cycle of products and / or services - from production, distribution, to consumption.

Warehouse Management - Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Warehouse Management

Manages and optimizes end-to-end warehouse functionalities for an assured and effective management of materials and resources.

Service Management - Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Service Management

Improvises service portfolio of customer support teams by anticipating customer’s requirements, ensuring an effective customer engagement.

Human Resource Management - Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Human Resource Management

Enhances overall performance of employed workforce through consistent monitoring and analysis, thus minimizing risk and maximizing ROI.

Document Management - Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Document Management

Secures, manages, and modifies critical business documents and files, from any location, without fearing about losing them.

Workflow Management - Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Workflow Management

Organizes and monitors prescribed processes and tasks, thus reducing costs, improving information exchange, and be more agile.

Expand Workflow Efficiency With Office 365

Expand Workflow Efficiency With Office 365

Dynamics NAV is intelligently integrated with Office 365 that empowers businesses to smartly manage their customer interactions, business contacts, and vendors directly through Outlook. This seamless workflow ensures employees to be more productive and proficient in managing other critical operational tasks.

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Power BI (Business Intelligence) Embedded

Power BI, an advanced report authoring tool, enables enterprises to effectively analyze their mission-critical information, drives conclusions, and supports smart decision making to efficiently transform overall business operations.

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Dynamics NAV Embedded Power BI - Dynamics Square

Simplified Work Management

Embrace the future ready potential of ever advancing platforms – iOS, Android, and Windows – for a secure access to information from any personal devices – desktop, laptop, and mobile – literally from anywhere and at personal ease.

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Simplified Work Management Dynamics NAV - Dynamics Square

In the Microsoft Cloud or on your servers - the choice is yours.
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