Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade

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Still on the old version of NAV and looking forward to upgrading to a Latest, Future proof and Functionally powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP? The New – NAV to Dynamics 365 Cloud switch is the most viable alternative here. Dynamics Square can help you to evaluate the status of your current NAV solution and create the progression plan towards Dynamics 365 Cloud.

Microsoft Business Central Upgrade

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From NAV to Dynamics 365 – The Road Ahead

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade

A Single Comprehensive Solution

Microsoft has announced formally that Dynamics 365 Business Central is going to take NAV’s place as the next generation ERP solution. If you happen to use NAV and are still uncertain after this announcement as to what the NAV to Dynamics 365 Cloud Roadmap would look like for your organisation, then all you must do is a simple click here and opt for our Assessment Plan to get all the details you need regarding the entire process.

At Dynamics Square, we have experience of successfully upgrading many ERP systems over the years. Our experience gives us the confidence of pulling off your upgrade as well, having the necessary experience to understand your processes and operations while assessing your system and designing your transition to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Assessing Your Upgradation Suitability

Dynamics Square performs a customized evaluation process to assess your current NAV implementation. This process takes place over the course of two (2) days during which we find out the most appropriate way to upgrade your existing NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central. This evaluation plan also includes assessment of your existing developments that can be migrated to Business Central. Our evaluation plan is best suited if you happen to be using an older version of NAV and are interested in knowing the best approach for upgradation to latest version of Dynamics 365 Cloud without losing any historical data, transactions and unique developments done in older version of NAV.

Assessing Your Upgradation Suitability

Dynamics Square Assessment Plan

2 – Hours functional Assessment Comprising of:

  • Assess Current System Usage with respect to Modules and Sub Modules
  • Assess whether current Data in system is in good health or not
  • Discuss Current Business Pain Areas
  • Current Satisfaction level with current implementation
  • Identify Areas for Enhancement
  • Assess Training requirements
  • Discuss Roll Out Strategy

2 – Days Detailed technical analysis Comprising of:

  • Identifying Customizations done in the existing NAV System
  • Identify ISV Verticals implemented – Add on Solutions
  • Identify Third Party Applications in use
  • Identify Data Migration Strategy and cut over plan
  • Identify System (Hardware) Requirement in case of On-Premise Microsoft Business Central Upgrade
  • Submission of Upgradation assessment document along with Technical and Commercial Proposal.
Business Central Upgrade

As the process gets underway, one of our consultants measures your current NAV system and performs an elite-level review of its organizational usage at your end. The consultant then shares his findings with one of our Developers, who then gets busy with his job of creating a complete picture of your current NAV system by including all developments and undertaking a comprehensive Technical Review to measure how suitable your developments are to be migrated as Business Central Extensions. We employ some of the best and most experienced consultants and developers with immense technical knowledge, thus finding no system that hard to comprehend.

Eventually, our team determines the most suitable roadmap for your business to move to Business Central, including all upgrade options from even older NAV versions.

“The skilled team at Dynamics Square has never disappointed us on providing creative solutions for our business. We have been working with the team for over a year now, and would recommend for anyone looking for a Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation.”
National Credit Manager
Leading Industrial, Retail Cleaning and Property service company
Upgraded from NAV2009 to Dynamics 365 Business Central


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