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Dynamics AX is now two applications — Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management — to offer you more flexibility to adopt the capabilities you need, when you need them. On-Premises. Take the next steps to learn how a modern, intelligent ERP solution can help you grow your business.

End Date of Mainstream Support: 12 October 2021

Upgrade to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain

Still stuck with an old version of AX? Still reluctant to upgrade your solution?

Microsoft has already stopped supporting Dynamics AX 2012 and AX 2012 R2. And in case you thought this year too shall pass, then you must know that Microsoft will end support for AX 2012 R3 in October 2021. This news should have you worried. It is recommended that you start planning the upgradation process right away to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain – AX’s latest avatar available on-cloud with an intuitive User Interface, Embedded Intelligence and Automated Processes. Dynamics Square can help you evaluate the status of your current AX solution and create the progression plan towards Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain on-cloud.

From AX to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain – The Way Forward

One Umbrella – Multiple Usages

Microsoft has replaced AX with Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain, with the new version offering better and more intuitive Finance related and Operational capabilities for your business. AX users uncertain of the upgrade process and the way to move to a better cloud-based alternative need to look no further than on this page, where a simple click here will help them know our assessment plan for all the details they need about the whole process.

At Dynamics Square, we have the right people with necessary experience of having upgraded many versions of AX to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain with comprehensive real-time experience and familiarity with the whole process from start to finish.

Accelerate your financial performance with Dynamics 365 Finance

Accelerate your financial performance with Dynamics 365 Finance

Dynamics 365 Finance is the replacement for the finance and accounting functionality of Dynamics AX. Dynamics 365 Finance includes everything that you love about AX plus a modern user interface and new capabilities including tighter integration with Microsoft Office and the Power Platform to help you bring your organization to the next level.

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Modernize your operations with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is the replacement for the planning, production, inventory, warehouse, and transportation functionality of Dynamics AX. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Finance and other Dynamics 365 applications to create one powerful, integrated end-to-end solution.

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Modernize your operations with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Assessing Your Upgradation Suitability

Dynamics Square does a customized evaluation of your existing AX version to assess the most suitable way for you to upgrade, a process that goes through over a course of two (2) days and is divided again into two (2) steps:

Code Upgradation

Before we at Dynamics Square start with this 1st phase we generally recommend to AX users that they obtain access to Microsoft Lifecycle Services and a model store file (with no databases), without which this will not be possible.

    • While the process gets underway, Dynamics Square’s upgrade experts delete all unnecessary models present in the client’s model store.
    • They then proceed to upload a fully compatible model store without any errors.
    • The client’s ISV Partner is consulted with whether they too wok on an AX compatible version for the ERP solution just like the client does.
    • ISV is made a part of the upgrade process especially in cases where the existing solution has been customized heavily by the client to suit business requirements.
    • The entire code body is removed from the ISV and re-factored in the extensions.
Code Upgradation
Data Upgradation

Data Upgradation

A couple of years back, Microsoft released the first data upgrade service for upgrading from AX to Dynamics 365, and also suggested that this be run in the development environment first instead of the Sandbox environment as developers have the provision of local data to write and test their custom data upgrade scripts against the data.

Our experts begin to upgrade your data by following the steps laid out below:

    • They first back your AX database using the standard Microsoft SQL Server process, a step that produces a BAK file.
    • Depending on how your current developer environment has been hosted, they upload your backup. If it is an Azure hosted VM, then the backup must be uploaded to Azure storage. If it happens to be for a local VM, the files are transferred directly across the network.
    • They then proceed to download and restore the AX database next to the original databases, at the same time being careful not to overwrite the current AX database while restoring backup to Dynamics 365.
    • All the latest binary updates are downloaded from the shared asset library of the Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services for running data upgrade deployable packages.

After performing upgrading your code and data, Dynamics Square determines the most viable way for upgrading from AX to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain, with its experts leading the charge to ensure a smooth transition that will set you business up well towards bigger things.

Our experts can support your existing Dynamics AX implementation or help you migrate to Dynamics 365

With years of track record and 50+ upgrades globally, Dynamics Square is well equipped to help you with your upgrade journey from AX to Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain. We are experts in all things related to AX and Dynamics 365. We have a team of Finance Experts, supply chain experts, Solution architects, and data scientists dedicated to optimizing your existing system or implementing a new system that will meet all your business needs.


Dynamics Square has a dedicated team of AX experts that support every version of AX. Support includes everything you need to maintain your systems and improve your business processes including training, troubleshooting, audit support, customization, development, and business intelligence support.


Dynamics Square has a proven methodology to migrate Microsoft Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365. Our methodology focuses on maximizing the business impact and benefits from the upgrade while minimizing any disruption to your business.


In today’s interconnected world, it is common to integrate Dynamics AX with other systems. At Dynamics Square, our software engineers are experts at integrating AX via web services, file imports, or integration tools depending on the business need of the integration.

“The skilled team at Dynamics Square has never disappointed us on providing creative solutions for our business. We have been working with the team for over a year now, and would recommend for anyone looking for a Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation.”
National Credit Manager
Leading Industrial, Retail Cleaning and Property service company
Upgraded from NAV2009 to Dynamics 365 Business Central


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