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Give your sellers the tools to excel in selling

Your sales personnel need much more than the routine sales force automation to sell effectively in today’s unpredictable business environment where factors such as changing buyer preferences, an altogether new outlook in business and ruthless competitors are having a huge say in how things are being sold in what measure. Modern selling demands the use of a solution at the heart of which lies an intelligent and adaptive system that facilitates proactive monitoring of various signals that can be converted into actionable insights.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Sales - Dynamics Square

dynamics 365 sales enterprise - Dynamics Square

Dynamics 365 for Sales is one such solution.

Use a sales accelerator to activate digital selling

  • Trim the length of the sales cycle

    A single workspace in the application contains all the tools and features that remote sellers would need to remain on course to achieve their goals.

  • Empower your sellers with concrete data

    AI and predictive scoring in the application let you empower your sales personnel with clear, achievable and prioritized sales targets.

  • Restructure your sales funnel

    Integrated multichannel tools like soft phone dialer and email templates in Dynamics 365 for Sales make this possible.

  • Communicate clearly

    Empower your sales personnel with AI-powered conversation intelligence for a fair idea about customer emotion, sentiment and priorities to establish effective and clear communication.

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Forge strong relations through personalized engagement

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  • Merge data with processes

    Dynamics 365 Sales can be integrated with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator in order to let sellers build trust and manage relations with ease.

  • Use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator for access to profiles and further insights

    This also includes related leads and knowing more on ways to secure warm introductions.

  • Handle contacts and visualize relationships

    Use interactive org charts to visualize relationships among contacts.

  • Maintain strong relations

    Relationship health and risk can be assessed from Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft 365 to maintain strong relations.

  • Understand the customer’s point of view to improve engagement

    Use Dynamics 365 Customer Voice, included with Dynamics 365 Sales, to combine customer data with survey insights.

Have more time in hand to sell

  • Keep routine tasks minimal

    Make the most of an intuitive and interactive user interface which offers suggestions to create new records.

  • Focus more on selling

    Understand all the repeatable and winning sales techniques and take a cue out of contextual reference material available in the sales playbooks.

  • Spend less time on searches

    Learn further nuances about sales through the most relevant content and training modules available in the application, recommended via modern sales enablement capabilities.

  • Invest less on training

    Work on a business process user interface that offers contextual guidance at each stage of the sales lifecycle.

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Use seamless tools to bolster productivity

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    • Establish better coordination between sales and marketing teams

      Get deeper cross-team visibility into campaigns and prebuilt workflows that deliver leads that are sure to convert instantly.

    • Collaborate effectively on deals

      Retrieve relevant customer information and documentation directly from Microsoft Teams, the latest online hub for chats, meetings and business applications, for better collaboration on deals across both geography and functions.

    • Aim for minimal manual entries

      Scan and convert business cards into new records in the Dynamics 365 Sales.

    • Restructure workflows

      Work on modern mobile applications and other familiar tools such as Outlook, Excel and SharePoint which integrate seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Sales.

    • Increase confidence among buyers

      Use mixed reality in Dynamics 365 Product Visualize Preview to raise buyer confidence in your products and service offerings.

Improve sales performance

    • Be more accurate in forecasting and streamline planning

      This can be done by using the intuitive seller-generated projections in Dynamics 365 Sales empowered with predictive forecasting.

    • Make your people more accountable

      Track and analyze pipeline changes with the help of snapshots and deal flow visualization.

    • Raise the overall performance levels of your sales managers

      Do so with the help of deal insights, relationship analytics and conversation intelligence.

    • Find out more about emerging customer needs

      Use AI-driven insights to analyze market trends and competitive dynamics in order to understand more about emerging customer requirements.

    • Take a careful look at high-risk deals

      Take the help of built-in coaching tools to get deeper visibility into conversations and provide actionable feedback.

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Drive innovation using flexible solutions that facilitate business growth

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    • Speed up time to market

      Adapt fast to the prebuilt Sales and AI applications containing visual editors to speed up time to market. Additionally, use the Microsoft Power Platform to automate workflows, analyze data and build custom applications.

    • Provide valuable insights to your sales team

      Use built-in AI capabilities in Dynamics 365 Sales to customize insights that fit your sales processes, without any code required.

    • Cut down on costs and limit complexities

      Safeguard your data through Microsoft datacenters and make the most of operating in a global infrastructure with Azure.

    • Convert the entire customer journey form end-to-end

      Unify sales, marketing and service data to transform the entire customer journey.


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