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Dynamics 365 For Sales

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales leverages data mining and business intelligence to detect prospects and gain key insights about loyal customers, helping boost productivity, streamline sales cycles, and lower costs. Thanks to the all-in-one interactive dashboard, sellers have all the information readily available, enabling them to nurture the opportunities with personalised solutions.

Dynamics 365 For Sales - Dynamics Square

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Key Capabilities

Use the insights to make decisions that can take your business to new heights, such as offering personalised solutions, building strong customer relationships, and harnessing upselling and cross-selling opportunities, while maximizing productivity with Dynamics 365 for sales.

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Actionable Insights

  • Prospect & Lead Prioritisation

    Utilise business intelligence and analytics to comprehend the past records and estimate the future needs of customers to improve retention, engagement, and monetization.

  • Relationship Health

    Sell smarter using suggestions from Office 365 and Dynamics 365 that reveal the health of customer relationship with the brand, along with the next best action.

  • Customer Intelligence

    Harness the power of data with Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights to fulfil customers’ demands and engage them in a more personalized manner.

Relationship Management

  • Social Network Sales Navigator Integration

    integration of dynamics 365 for Sales with social networks enables you to identify prospects, understand their needs, and connect with them by tapping into the power of social media.

  • Email Intelligence

    integration of d365 for Sales with Microsoft outlook enables you to gain insights from email interactions with customers. it tracks recipients who opened or replied, so you know the active contacts.

  • Content Personalization

    Integration of Dynamics 365 for Sales with Microsoft Word enables simultaneous collaboration and editing. Swiftly create personalised sales documents to attract buyers and improve your sales.


Sales Productivity

  • Sales Process

    optimize your sales efforts with process automation and guided sales process backed by best practices to close deals faster.

  • Opportunity Management

    manage your customers and deals from anywhere at any time, even offline, through the interactive desktop or mobile application.

  • Sales Mobility

    work on the go with rich and modern application that provides contextual news and social data for frequent activities.

Sales Performance

  • Seller Onboarding

    simple seller on boarding via business process management with interactive help and documentation. it includes tutorials on features of the application, organizations sales processes, and immediate priorities.

  • Sales Effectiveness

    manage data leveraging the intuitive natural language voice commands to create new records, set goals, schedule meetings, monitor progress, and set reminders.

  • Sales Reports and Dashboards

    get real-time updates on the dashboard with interactive, drill down capabilities. use the in-built power bi sales templates to generate beautiful reports for analysis.


Partner Management

  • Recruit, on board and strengthen your partner channel network through deeper enablement and activation. Prepare and share a sales roadmap and channel strategy with your partners to get them on the same page with your business goals.

  • Help them understand the partner dashboard, which provides them a quick view of their interactions across opportunities, vendors, and other relevant information as per the access you have granted. Enable partner collaboration to maximize selling opportunity.

  • Offer pipeline visibility to vendors via deal registration. It protects the deal and gives authorization for additional discounts, rebates, and benefits.

Integrated, Flexible and Scalable Solutions


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