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Have greater clarity over your finances and profits

Transform and automate your global financial operations using Dynamics 365 Finance by monitoring real-time performances, successfully predicting future results and taking data-backed business decisions for enhanced growth.


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Use AI to take better financial decisions

  • Accurately predict when customers will pay

    Dynamics 365 for Finance helps end users proactively cut down on write-offs and register higher margins by helping understand when customers will settle invoices.

  • Accurately forecast cash flow

    End users get to monitor the flow of cash in real-time. Additionally, they get more clarity in existing trends and get to take decisions backed by solid data because of a solution that makes it easy to forecast cash flows.

  • Accurately create budget forecast

    They get to cut down on time and effort generally consumed on budgeting by allowing the system to carry out assigned tasks. Besides, they get to consolidate historical data piling over the years and analyze the same in a simplified way.

Use AI to take better financial decisions-D365 Finance

Unite and automate financial processes

Unite and automate financial processes-D365 Finance
  • Achieve more through role-based workspaces

    predictive insights and Office 365 integrations, which facilitate automation and help prioritize the most important financial tasks above everything.

  • Customize critical financial documents

    such as statements and invoices as per changing business scenarios through office 365 templates.

  • Dynamics 365 for Finance facilitates automated recurring billing

    creating a subscription-based model of sorts, that makes it easy to adapt to new revenue recognition standards, cut down on audit costs and precisely calculate financial statements.

Cut down on operational costs

  • End users get to operate their businesses

    in a far more efficient manner irrespective of geographies, through the various features available in Dynamics 365 for Finance such as encumbrance, budget control, financial planning & analysis and financial process automation.

Cut down on operational costs-Dynamics Square

Reduce global financial risks and complexities

Reduce global financial risks and complexities
  • Effortlessly adapt to ever-changing global financial scenarios

    through a highly flexible and rule-based chart of accounts and dimensions and subsequently manage changing regulatory requirements via no-code configurable tax, e-invoicing, payment & reporting formats.

  • Always be in sync with local and global business demands

    deliver better governance, cut down on risks and ensure compliance across 37 countries where 42 languages are spoken in totality. Prebuilt partner solutions in the application help meet local needs and further extend financial control.


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