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5 Steps to Transform Finance Using Dynamics 365 Finance

10 March 2023
Sam Peterson
Sam Peterson
5 Steps to Transform Finance Using Dynamics 365 Finance

Change the way your company manages the finance operations by adapting to a proactive model from the traditional transactional approach using financial modelling backed by data insights for smarter and more accurate financial planning. Stay ahead by making use of the innovative dynamics 365 finance capabilities to revamp the finance operations by automating it to save time and drive more productivity. Let us explore more about Dynamics 365 finance and how it can make a difference in finance.

What is Dynamics 365 Finance?

Dynamics 365 Finance is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution aimed at simplifying financial complexities by optimising finance operations, giving financial security, and facilitating more accurate financial decisions by using predictive data modelling and insights to make the best use of your resources and capital to grow more.

Transform Your Finance with Dynamics 365 Finance Capabilities

Do not limit your business potential by using traditional routine work practices and basic finance solutions. Make use of the following innovative capabilities of Dynamics 365 Finance to revamp your finance and gain more profits.

F&Bs of Dynamics 365 Finance (How It Can Make a Difference?)

Revamp the Finance & Business Operations Model to Improve Finance Control

Make use of smart finance data insights like Revenue & Expense Insights (based on products and customers) and shift from a transactional model to a predictive data model using real-time analytics to monitor cash flow management of the business, perform payment prediction per transaction to reduce write-offs for better financial control and take more accurate decisions using Dynamics 365 Finance.

Use Innovative Technology to Improve Business Automation – Automatic Vendor Invoicing

Dynamics 365 Finance helps you to have a comprehensive view of the vendor invoicing process and perform automatic vendor payment submission and tallying the supplier invoice details with the product receipts to increase business automation resulting in cost reduction and time savings.

Simplify the Complex Billing & Pricing Process – Subscription Billing

Stay ahead and make your finance business agile for complex billing and pricing cases using Subscription Billing to track and manage the monthly recurring billing easily and get a comprehensive view of MRR Analytics (churn rate, billing schedule, MRR amount by month & type) to ensure more accurate and automated revenue reporting to achieve cost savings and smart finance management.

Improve Global Finance Stability and Business Health Using Localisation Solutions

Do not limit your global business growth due to geographical and language barriers. Make use of innovative 50+ partner localisation solutions (reporting configurations, tax configurations) configured as per your business requirements to meet global finance and regulatory needs. Dynamics 365 Finance helps you to improve financial stability with simplified tax determination and global transactions based on locations across 44+ countries to grow more and improve business health.

Smart Credits & Collections Management Using Collection Automation

Dynamics 365 Finance helps you to reduce process redundancy and save time by automating the collection process, tracking the collection to proactively make payment predictions, defining collection tasks based on past records, sending customised collection emails, and devising collection strategies to boost collection rate, ensuring on-time payment, stable cash flow and time savings.

Dynamics Square: Get Dynamics 365 Finance Implementation to Stay Ahead

A business can have maximum growth if it is flexible for change and focuses on business-oriented changes specific to the business requirements. Dynamics Square helps you to stay ahead by providing Customised Dynamics 365 Finance Implementations seamlessly tailored to your business needs to unleash your potential and scale your finance business.

Grow More with Dynamics Square: Leading Dynamics 365 Finance Support Partner

Dynamics Square is the leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner. We are more than a dynamics 365 finance support partner as we believe in people first philosophy. Our certified support team knows the nerve of the industry and excels in providing 24/7 support across Australia to make a difference to your business.


Reimagine the finance operations by moving to a proactive, smart, and strategic model by having a comprehensive view of the finance, empowering the CFOs and finance leaders to take smart financial projections backed by data insights as per the latest business trends. Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations provides smart finance solutions for more financial visibility, global compliance & risk management, and increased automation to grow more in finance.

Why Wait, it is Now or Never?

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