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Switch to the Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and transform your manufacturing and supply chain operations completely through the use of predictive insights, AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (internet of things) across planning, production, stock, warehouse and transportation management for higher profits, product quality and operational efficiency.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management - Dynamics Square

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Make your supply chain more agile and resilient

Improve quality of products and fasten time to market

  • Fasten time to market to gain a competitive edge by managing production info across global sites and subsidiaries from a centrally designated point in the application.

  • Reduce product development costs by reconfiguring products in order to meet ever-changing customer demands.

  • Maintain compliance with standards and regulations by delivering on time, responding to altered customer specifications in a deft manner and overseeing smooth product revisions.

  • Quickly resolve arising disputes related to quality of products and maintain consistency in quality via change management, to keep product lines smooth and operational.

Improve quality of products and fasten time to market

Fulfil customer demand by becoming more agile at planning

Fulfil customer demand by becoming more agile at planning
  • Cut down on overstocking and avoid stock-out situations by rightsizing product levels based on factors such as constantly changing customer needs and storage limitations.

  • Maximize supply and distribution planning all day in real-time through in-memory services to maintain appropriate levels of stock at the right place and time.

  • Use AI powered demand forecasting features and streamlined sales and operations planning features for timely deliveries to customers without overstocking.

  • Allocate resources smartly by automating and streamlining production scheduling and minimizing overtime, in addition to improving the utilization of available equipment.

Fulfil customer demand by becoming more agile at planning

  • Improve visibility in stock across channels in real-time by streamlining production and fulfillment, cutting down on overstocking, avoiding stock-out situations and optimizing available stock.

  • Improve overall management of costs by maintaining various cost-accounting ledgers globally, streamlining cost-management policies and performing real-time analysis of costs and profits.

  • Improve collaboration between vendors, build redundancy for critical supplies and negotiate best prices for direct/indirect supplies based on factors such as performance, spend, quality and lead time to overall simplify procurement processes.

  • Use warehouse-process workflows and heatmaps to maximize capacity, layout and flow of goods by improving overall visibility of stock and warehouse operations.

  • Keep warehouse processes up and running throughout and ensure continuity in remote locations each time connection with cloud goes off.

  • Use unified insights from multiple systems to optimize transportation of orders, through real-time freight monitoring, route management and transportation planning features.

Fulfil customer demand by becoming more agile at planning

Use intelligent manufacturing operations for innovation

Use intelligent manufacturing operations for innovation
  • Use real-time view of the entire production and stock to proactively manage shop floor and improve quality and uptime throughout.

  • Create a highly agile, lean and discrete manufacturing process through make-to-stock, make-to-order, configure-to-order and engineer-to-order features.

  • Use AI, IoT and Mixed Reality to accelerate time to market for new product launches and in the process, implement sustainable manufacturing processes.

  • Maintain activity and consistency in critical manufacturing processes running on cloud or on a distributed model and maintain continuity in work on remote locations each time connection is lost with cloud.

  • Maintain the highest standards in safety and efficiency through interactive holographic experiences.

Optimize asset uptime and maintain longevity

  • Cut down on machine downtime and manage equipment critical to business smoothly through predictive, corrective, preventive and condition-based maintenance procedures.

  • Minimize travel time and maximize time for maintenance of geographically dispersed assets by integrating D365 Supply Chain Management with D365 Field Service.

  • Raise the level of quality and uptime of mission-critical assets through IoT, mixed reality and enhanced resource scheduling.

Optimize asset uptime and maintain longevity


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