Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Supply Chain Management

Enable your business to transition towards the technological updates that help growth and success. The use of predictive insights, AI, IoT across planning, production, stock, warehouse and transportation management enhance profits, product quality and operational efficiency.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management - Dynamics Square

dynamics 365 supply chain management demo

Automate and simplify your Supply Chain Management whilst maximizing the life of your assets.

Drive Visibility and Agility throughout Supply Chain Management

  • Enhance Supply Chain Visibility – Get real-time inventory visibility, quickness in resolving supply and demand imbalances, AI powered demand forecasting features in D365 for Supply Chain Management

  • Gain Agility – With the assistance of real-time supply and merchandize planning to ensure that the right resources are at the right place and at the right time. In-memory services maintain appropriate levels of stock at the right place and time.

Improve quality of products and fasten time to market

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management – Cost effective and innovative solution

Fulfil customer demand by becoming more agile at planning
  • Optimize cost – Helping reduce costly downtown of critical equipment, improve inventory turns and reduce costs of demand fulfilment. Various cost-accounting ledgers, cost-management policies, and real-time analysis help improving overall cost management.

  • Maximize capacity – The use of warehouse-processes workflows and heatmaps helps, maximize capacity, layout and flow of goods. The overall visibility of stock and warehouse also gets improved with D365 for Supply Chain Management.

Optimized and Customer Focused 365 Supply Chain Management

  • Real-time data and insights – Unified insights from multiple systems assists in optimizing transportation of orders, route management, real-time freight monitoring. This thus, helps in maximizing output.

  • Workforce empowerment and management – In order to successfully navigate through the dynamic and all-inclusive workforce, D365 Supply Chain Management helps keep transparency towards the various processes being carrying out within a business.

Fulfil customer demand by becoming more agile at planning

Delivering Cloud-based Operational Efficiency

Use intelligent manufacturing operations for innovation
  • All-in-one management – Gain operational efficiency with the help of predictive and actionable insights. From inventory management to route management, unified cloud-solution to manage and track them all.

  • Changing business demands and supply – The cloud-based management and role-based access grant helps in monitoring and regulating the various day-to-day processes taking place within the business.

Boosting Business Connectivity and Continuity

  • Upgraded quality – With the use of IoT, mixed reality and enhanced resources scheduling, present in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management, businesses can raise the level of quality and uptime of mission critical assets.

  • Uninterrupted connectivity – Maintain activity and continuity in critical manufacturing processes running on a cloud or on a distributed model and maintain consistency in work on remote locations each time connection is lost with cloud.

Optimize asset uptime and maintain longevity


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dynamics 365 supply chain management demo

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