Dynamics 365 for Commerce

Empowering businesses to exceed customer expectations

Introduce automation and digitalization in all aspects of your commerce platform with Dynamics 365 for Commerce. Engaging customers across channels, third-party integrations, building customer trust and brand loyalty with in-depth insights, predictive analytics, AI and much more. Elevate your brand and create personalized and seamless shopping experiences.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce - Dynamics Square

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce - Dynamics Square

Enabling businesses to build and run digital commerce

Exceed customer expectations and build brand loyalty

  • Building brand loyalty – Unify your physical and digital commerce and build brand loyalty through personal engagement. Dynamics 365 Commerce helps you to exceed customer expectations. Dynamics Square is enabling you to create friction-free shopping experiences.

  • Memorable buyer experiences – Tailored product selections for customers across retail channels helps deliver memorable buyer experiences. For a 360-degree view of customers, the integration of D365 Customer Insights helps get all physical and digital storefronts or a single view of all data.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce - Dynamics Square
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce - Dynamics Square

Prioritizing business flexibility and security

  • Catering to global business needs – The application has been tailor-made with options of customization entirely open for businesses. Stakeholders get to choose between on-clou, on-premises and hybrid models on the basis of their requirements.

  • Maximum scope of customization – Dynamics 365 for Commerce offers businesses with maximum scope of customization in various workflows. This reduces time-taken, increases visibility, gets data and analytics back-up and much more.

Streamlining processes for boosting productivity

  • Informed, cost-effective supply decisions – The advanced analytics and machine learning features within Dynamics 365 for Commerce enables stakeholders to keep a tab on the stock levels.

  • Clarity regarding customer demand – The actionable insights provided to stakeholders help them with clarity in customer demands, trends and inclinations. The centralized tracking system helps understand if the processes are being carried out as per plan.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Marketing Module - Dynamics Square

Multiple-channel customer engagement

  • Seamless and cohesive buying experience – Leveraging an omni-channel commerce platform to create seamless buying experience can be done by connecting digital, in-store and back-office operations.

  • Customer with privilege to choose – Empower customers to receive home deliveries of their orders or buy in-store with Dynamics 365 for Commerce’s closely connected ordering and fulfillment tools.

Enhancing efficiency with availability of tools at your disposal

  • Engaging and interactive digital storefronts – Built-in web authoring and easy-to-use development tools enable innovative purchasing. By leveraging the use of AI-moderated rating and reviews customer support gets simplified in D365 for Commerce.

  • Intelligent application – The intelligent context-aware product search tools help customers refine their searches and generates accurate results. Dynamics 365 for Commerce also helps deliver customized shopping experiences through context-oriented commerce strategies.



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Dynamic Square, Microsoft Gold Partners are the most sought-after solutions by businesses who wish to introduce digitalization in their workflows. Our in-depth knowledge of the products and years of expertise has enabled the Dynamics Square team to deliver services with efficiency in record less time. The team at Dynamics Square comes with their hands-on experience which helps them cater to issues those businesses do not know exist.

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Years of Expertise

Our years of expertise helps us to align ourselves with our customer’s business needs, expectations with Microsoft Business Solutions.

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In-depth Knowledge

Our in-depth knowledge of products, technology, and Industry helps us to design the solution that align with our customer’s business needs.

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