Dynamics 365 For Commerce

Create unbelievable shopping experiences

Use Dynamics 365 for Commerce to elevate your brand and create personalized and seamless shopping experiences across all digital and physical channels.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce - Dynamics Square

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce - Dynamics Square

Explore Dynamics 365 Commerce capabilities

Use multiple channels to engage customers

  • Create a seamless and cohesive shopping experience for your customers

    Leverage an omni-channel commerce platform to create a seamless shopping experience for your customers by connecting digital, in-store and back office operations.

  • Engage customers consistently with clear communication across channels

    Use both online and offline channels to empower your customers to choose when, how and where to purchase on which device.

  • Empower them with the option to choose with utmost convenience

    Allow them to enjoy the experience of buying online or in-store and receive hone delivery through the application’s closely connected ordering and fulfillment tools.

  • Generate and offer lucrative sales promotions across channels

    Organize these based on store, catalogue and customer affiliation via real-time and precise omnichannel sales and cost data.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce - Dynamics Square
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce - Dynamics Square

Perform beyond expectations and build incredible customer loyalty

  • Deliver memorable buyer experiences

    The application’s built-in features enable tailored product selection for customers across retail channels, in the process letting you exceed expectations.

  • Give your customers multiple options to choose from

    Give them access to a complete product catalogue, be it online or in store, irrespective of stock levels and location. Open all the aisles for them to choose from.

  • Get a comprehensive view of your customer at a full 360-degree angle

    Integrate Dynamics 365 Customer Insights with Dynamics 365 Commerce and connect all physical and digital storefronts for a single view of all transactions, behavioral and observational data.

  • Give your customers multiple options to choose from

    Treat them to AI-driven recommendations, insights and loyalty programs and foster lasting relations.

Build and run a digital commerce empire with all necessary tools available at your disposal

    • Build engaging and interactive digital storefronts

      Use built-in web authoring and easy-to-use development tools and inspire innovative purchasing.

    • Engage shoppers in an inclusive manner

      Deliver personalized and memorable shopping experiences through content-oriented commerce strategies.

    • Streamline management across all channels

      Get a single view of all the content, assets, promotions, stock and pricing via an interconnected marketing and commerce platform.

Create an intelligent and context-aware product search facility both online and in-store to let your customers search for products without much effort.

  • Raise the number of customers converting

    Leverage the use of AI-moderated ratings and reviews to improve product selection among customers and accelerate their purchasing.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Marketing Module - Dynamics Square

Streamline all retail options for maximum productivity

  • Optimize your profits

    Use AI-driven recommendations to sell the right products at the right prices at the most appropriate time slots.

  • Know what your stock levels are with pinpoint accuracy

    Use the application’s centralized tracking system to keep a check on products, categories, assortment and pricing round the clock.

  • Take data-driven cost-effective stock supply decisions

    Advanced analytics and machine learning features within Dynamics 365 Commerce enable you keep an accurate tab on your stock levels.

  • Be clear of customer demand all the time

    Actionable insights provided by the application into historical sales and purchase data help get a clear view of ever-changing customer demands throughout.

  • Restructure sourcing and replacements

    Know about the pricing structures set by vendors and when to replenish stock at the most profitable costs.

Feel flexible and secure

  • Fulfill business needs globally

    Use the application’s flexible deployment options, be it on-premise or on cloud to fulfill business needs globally.

  • Customize your application to suit your needs

    Make the most of the application’s configurable and extensible platform to fit your business comfortable as it grows and expands.

  • Unify experiences across all channels

    Support traditional, new and emerging channels through the application’s API-driven commerce engine.

  • Protect your data from thefts and hacks

    Dynamics 365 Commerce’s cohesive security management and compliance features save your business from data thefts.



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