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Reshaping the processes of Human Resource Management

Dynamics 365 for Human Resources enables businesses in building a strong, cohesive and collaborative work environment. The embedded analytics help track and analyze HR programs. With D365 for Human Resources, managers get access to team performance data to optimize team impact and address concerns.

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Building Agile and People-Driven Business

With Dynamics 365 for Human Resources, businesses can build an administrative structure reflective of organizational ethos, job descriptions and hierarchies. Plus, get a centralized repository to keep organizational and employee data securely.

Provide your workforce with the best employee experience and motivate them to perform better for organizational growth. Enable self-service portals and accelerate employee development with the functionalities within Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

Communicate with Microsoft Teams

Employees can use Microsoft teams for view of time-off balances and to submit lave requests.

Centralize Employee Profiles

Build connections with rich employee profiles including career accomplishments, skills, etc.

Self-Service Tools

Make employee profiles, performance tracking, goal setting etc. easily accessible for employees.

Right Tools for Managers

Easily track team performance and feedbacks and automate business processes for efficiency.

Accelerate Employee Development

Use training and certification tracking functionalities to assist employees in growth.

With the integrated payroll management system, mitigate payroll errors and reduce the hours spent on calculating employee hours, wages and tax withholdings. Simplify the tedious HR processes with redefining HR management at your organization.

Attendance Management

Easily create compliant and competitive programmes that meet changing global regulations.

Flexible Compensation Tools

Use automated processes to rollout company-wide benefits program based on guidelines.

Redefine Employee Benefits

Give your employees best employee benefits with flexible configurable tools to manage them.

Connect with Existing Payroll System

Process expense claims, analyze overall expenses, discover cost-saving opportunities and more.

Recruitment with LinkedIn Talent Solutions

Integrate your ATS with LinkedIn, manage and automate end-to-end recruitment experience.

Empower employees for profile updates, to undertake training, track real-time performance and monitor time-off requests. With D365 for Human Resources, managers get access to team performance data to optimize team impact and address concerns.

Easily Integrate with Partner HR Solutions

Build and HCM ecosystem for your business by connecting with best HR solutions like payroll.

Simplify HR Administration

Reduce complexity with HR administration that accurately reflects structures, hierarchies, etc.

Automate Processes

Automate your HR processes, workflows and task management to improve productivity.

Built-in Security, Privacy and Compliance

Get access to the highest level of security, privacy and compliance with D365 Human Resources.

Power Platform

Customize and extend D365 HR with Microsoft Power Platform without high technical expertise.

Customizable workflows with access control to automate your HR processes, eliminate payroll errors and enable self-service for employees. D365 HR is enabling leaders to make well-informed and quick decisions that impact engagement, action planning and productivity.

Visualize HR Data

With Microsoft Power BI centralize, analyze and visualize HR data from any device at any time.

Embedded Analytics

Track and analyze HR programmes with embedded analytics and make informed decisions.

Centralize Data through Microsoft Data verse

Common Data Service helps centralize data by integrating HR with existing systems & partner apps.

Capture Employee Insights with D365 Customer Voice

Use survey insights from D365 Customer Voice to capture employee sentiments and moods.

Real-Time Engagement of Customers

Adapt fast to new marketing technologies and increase efficiency in business productivity with Dynamics 365 for Marketing. Real-time engagement with customers allows stakeholders to streamline communications and provide quick resolutions.

Real-time Customer-led Journeys

Understand content requirements through information from customer-interactions on various channels.

Design Customer-led Experiences

Understanding of customer journey enables businesses to engage with them using personalization.

Impactful Content

Access point-and-click dynamics authoring, use A/B testing and analytics to produce impactful content.

Deliver Seamless Experiences

Use AI driven recommendations and digital channels for providing seamless interactions to customers.

Win Customers and Earn Loyalty Faster

Every business, undeniably, strives hard to achieve customer trust and loyalty for their brand. D365 for Marketing empowers businesses with tools to enrich the experiences of their customers. The solution enables personalization for a customer-centric approach.

Design End-to-end Journeys

Users can create journeys and personalization from customer-triggered events across channels.

Improve Customer Communications

Help teams to strengthen customer relations with interactions and engagement for business expansion.

Nurture Leads and Accounts

Maintain continuous customer interactions through mails, notifications, and so on for nurturing leads.

Turn Event Attendees into Loyal Customers

Simplified event planning, nurturing registrants, improving audience engagement for better conversions.

Personalize Customer Experiences With Ai

The functionalities within Dynamics 365 for Marketing enables teams to drive meaningful customer interactions across digital and physical channels to create deeper relationships and achieve business success. Now turn insights into AI-powered actions to transform customers into fans.

Create Engaging Content

Use AI-recommended images, offers, dynamic content within D365 Marketing to maximize engagement.

Experiment to Increase Engagement

D365 for Marketing enables users to run A/B tests, optimize content based on previous activities.

Improve Marketing Effectiveness

Use real-time KPIs, boost customer journeys using analytics and Microsoft Power BI dashboards.

360-Degree Customer View

Access D365 Customer Insights for enhanced customer targeting, personalization for customer journeys.

Build Customer Trust With A Unified, Adpatable Platform

To build customer trust, it is imperative to provide them with apt services and reliable information. Get advanced customization and personalization functionalities within Dynamics 365 for Marketing to manage processes with ease and expertise.

Unify, Share Customer Data Securely

Provide single, real-time view of customer context across D365 applications and align teams accordingly.

Comply With Regulations

Make use of built-in features to comply with the GDPR, HIPAA regulations and accessibility guidelines.

Customize, Extend the Application

Automate marketing processes using APIs, external add-ons, built-in workflows or create new ones.

Run Business-unit Level Marketing

Optimize marketing communication content to maintain consistency and promote reuse of content.


Dynamics 365 for Human Resources Pricing

You do not pay a penny more than the true value of the products. Get-and pay for- exactly what your business needs for growth.

Self Service

$5.50Per user/month

  • Employee and manager self-service capabilities


$164.80Per user/month

  • Includes full application capabilities


$686.50per tenant/month

  • For organizations that need an additional application
  • For production instances


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What is Dynamics 365 Human Resources?

Dynamics 365 Human Resources is a comprehensive and collaborative based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power Platform. Businesses can automate entire employee lifecycle using the functionalities of this solution.

What are the features of D365 Human Resources?

The features of D365 Human Resources include centralizing employee data using Microsoft Dataverse, easy integration with partner HR solutions, attendance management, flexible compensation tools and much more.

What are the benefits of Dynamics 365 HR?

Dynamics 365 HR enables the HR departments to operate on a streamlined, automated and strategic level. With the self-service portal, employees and HRs are empowered to manage their daily tasks and get information on their fingertips.

Does Dynamics 365 HR support easy integrations?

With D365 Human Resources, organizations can seamlessly integrate their partner HR apps for smoother functioning and enhanced efficiency. Integrations with solutions like LinkedIn helps the HR departments to source right talent whenever required.

What is the pricing of Dynamics 365 HR?

The pricing of Dynamics 365 Human Resources is $164.80 per user/month. The pricing of Dynamics 365 Human Resources self-service is $5.50 per user/month. For additional information and better understanding fill the form on this page and we will connect with you.

How can businesses redefine employee benefits with D365 HR?

HRs can create and automate programs based on pre-defined guidelines and rollout these companywide. Flexible and configurable self-service enrolment tools help reframe employee benefits program by offering features such as benefit groups, hierarchies and auto-enrolment.

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Schedule live demo

We’d love to show you a customised demo to show you that how Dynamics 365 solution can fit to your business needs.


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