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Connected Technologies – the only way to do business

26 May 2022
Sam Peterson
Sam Peterson
Connected Technologies – the only way to do business

Businesses in the current time cannot work in Silos, the complexities and challenges posed by the internal and external environment need solutions that are connected and works toward a common goal. Data/information is what drives business, there must be an open line of communication in and among departments. If companies want to promote a unified vision to everyone, data connectivity and availability are a must adhere to. The modern business is all about an open platform where the information can be accessed just with a click.

But how does it happen? Of course, through technology, rather through “Connect Technologies”; if you are looking to establish a hybrid workplace where data or information is available and accessible to everyone, Connected Technologies would be your hidden recipe.

Cross-functional collaboration – connect everyone, everywhere

Smart businesses focus on building a cross-functional collaboration culture that leverages the power of connectivity, improves business processes, and drives growth. In the hybrid work, digital collaboration is the spine that spurs the free flow of information and enables businesses to operate as one business, everywhere. If your business has established a cross-functional collaborative culture, the possibilities are infinite, not only the people are connected in your organization which brings transparency to the table but also teams and business functions are connected and work towards a unified vision.

Cross-Functional Collaboration ensures that different teams or business functions can connect everyone, everywhere, anytime, and on every channel through technologies like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams. This accessibility allows the businesses and the teams to challenge how things are done. As people engage with more colleagues, it gives them a sense of more connectivity to the business as a whole and the decision-making process is accelerated.

Investing in the right technologies – can make you or break you

With technological innovations happening on a day-to-day basis, businesses come across promising solutions that could help solve different problems. There is no denying that these solutions solve the problem, but the point of concern is are you investing in individual solutions that might work in Silos?

Businesses should aim to invest in technologies/solutions that help you connect different business functions in your organization. With connected solutions, the information is available on a real-time basis, the decision-making process becomes easy, you invest less time in performing your tasks and drive more business growth.

Microsoft Capabilities – experience connectivity

There is a reason why millions of organizations use Microsoft Solutions to manage their businesses. One basic reason behind it is the connectivity capability that the solutions have to offer. Your entire workforce, departments, and business functions get connected and a free flow of communication is established.

Real-time data availability and engagement help accelerate business decisions which in turn helps organizations achieve more and drive more revenue. Organizations that use solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 teams can connect people, processes, insights, and cross-functional teams efficiently and establish a cross-functional collaboration culture in their businesses.

Wrapping Up

Businesses that work in Silos have a major chance of failing; technology makes your business connected. Connected solutions offered by Microsoft are the founding pillars for establishing cross-functional collaboration in the business and connecting everyone, everywhere across every business function.

If you are aiming for sustainable growth through connected solutions, feel free to connect with us and unlock Microsoft capabilities for your business.

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