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Scaling growth through customer journey orchestration

20 May 2022
Sam Peterson
Sam Peterson
Scaling growth through customer journey orchestration

Customer Journey – Map it right

There is no better way to grow and scale heights in your business if you have defined and mapped the customer journey right. It helps you win loyal customers and repetitive business.

From the moment a prospect hears about your company or brand, they interact with your company, become a customer and beyond, the process should be smooth and streamlined.

With connected technologies, it has become easier to define and map your customers explicitly. Organizations could and already have the availability of updated rich and adaptive customer profiles and with the help of AI-powered solutions, customer journeys can be perfected every time.

TIt’s the new era of connected experience that has changed the way marketing works. It’s no longer about putting the prospect under the radar of three stages – Awareness, consideration, and purchase.

Customer journey orchestration – Customer engagement at its best

Diligence before connecting with your prospect or customer is what the time demands. You cannot send a single marketing collateral or communication to all the customers in your database. This not only frustrates your customers but also makes them disloyal.

Companies that are harnessing the power of customer journey orchestration do not treat their customer database as a pool of data for sending single communication. Each customer is a singular data point, his/her journey is different, and the communication sent is per their need.

Customer journey orchestration focuses on three areas – data, decisioning, and delivery. Data can be turned into action if you leverage real-time decisioning to understand which offer, content or communication should be sent to your customer.

It’s easy for brands to harness everything they know about their customers across all channels through customer journey orchestration and mobilize resources to engage with the customer to provide a seamless experience.

Connected devices and technologies like Microsoft Solutions are a boon for establishing a solid customer journey orchestration mechanism that has helped companies with increased customer acquisition and retention.

Technology as an intimate lifeline

Covid-19 Pandemic completely changed the way people use to purchase earlier. Customer behavior has radically evolved, with everyone working and shopping from home. The immediate effect of the pandemic was high device usage and experimental shopping.

With window shopping feasibility and willingness to experiment the consumer demanding nature has forced the businesses to innovate into the digital-first marketplace in real-time for sustainable growth.

Customers perceive technology as an intimate lifeline because a decade’s worth of digital adoption took place in just a few months. The result thus created a consumer base exploring 10 different websites or shopping platforms.

The companies which have defined, and mapped customer journey were able to cope with this challenge and drive business, the rest failed.

The customers would remain to be informative and technology savvy, the future holds an opportunity for companies ready to adopt solutions in Customer Engagement and define customer journey before communicating with them.

Leverage the power of decisioning

Customer journey orchestration starts with a strong data foundation and the customer data platform helps in creating unified profiles to gain a single view of customers.

Decisioning helps organizations to scale business with real-time availability of customer’s information by automatically determining the next best action for an individual customer based on their journey.

With easily defined journey triggers and the use of AI-driven capability, decisioning facilitates immediate and relevant action to convert an expression of interest (or dissatisfaction) into a continued engagement.

Customer journey orchestration goes hand in hand with decisioning, the more defined the customer journey is, the more increased customer lifetime value would be with decreasing cost.

Game changing solutions

Microsoft solutions have customer journey orchestration capabilities that could help you build a resilient customer data platform and unlock the power of decisioning for efficiently engaging customers. The solutions can bring together the data to gain a 360-degree view of the customer and communicate via journey triggers.

The solutions facilitate:

  • Engaging customers in real-time
  • Winning customers and earning loyalty faster
  • Personalizing customer experiences with AI
  • AI recommended channels
  • Customer data harnessing
  • Easily defined journey triggers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Apps has customer journey orchestration capabilities. Feel free to connect with our team to explore more.

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