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Confront the misconceptions slowing your move to the cloud

17 May 2022
Sam Peterson
Sam Peterson
Confront the misconceptions slowing your move to the cloud

Let’s make a statement, drive more by investing less!

We have all witnessed recently the COVID Situation, which no one expected, made a paradigm shift in how businesses work globally.

The transformation resulted in the “Work from home” era, the companies who were using on-cloud solutions earlier, for them, the transition was smooth, but for companies using on-premises solution, it was not so smooth.

No one knows what the future holds for us, but it is always better to have business solutions that do not hinder your growth and make you deviate from the goal.

The biggest misconception with choosing on-cloud solutions is the cost factor, but the opposite is the case, on-cloud solutions are not expensive, you save more, and drive more business by investing less in choosing on-cloud systems. It is time to “Reassess” your current legacy systems.

Historically, businesses point to cost and time factors to shift to on-cloud solutions because it is no easy decision to completely revamp the way you manage your business.

The migration takes time, and it requires funds to move to on-cloud. We won’t argue on this front, but it is important to consider the rising cost of managing your on-premises systems.

The hidden cost of managing the on-premises system makes it more expensive in long run.

The infrastructure cost, the cost for managing the physical servers, the support cost, and doing the slightest of customizations in your on-premises legacy requires funds too and it’s a recurring process till you continue to use the traditional system.

FOCUS on what you should FOCUS

The modern business environment is agile and needs quick solutions to adapt to the complexities it poses.

On-premises system’s customizations and adaptability scope are not even limited but also a costly affair. Any change in your traditional legacy system holds the entire business functions and it’s a slow process.

While on the other hand, on-cloud solutions are highly scalable and customizable, they work at greater speed, you do not need to worry about the cost of upkeep.

For Instance, if you choose an on-cloud business management solution by Microsoft, you wouldn’t need to take care of the infrastructure, security, physical servers, patching, redundancy, and updates.

You should and you would only be able to focus on strategies to grow more and drive more revenue for your company. Companies that choose on-cloud systems can deliver more real business value.

We are not demeaning on-premises solutions, they have their use. Companies working on-prem can have complete control of their IT environment and can keep their business data secured onsite. But an on-cloud solution has more advantages than an on-prem.

The businesses that use on-cloud solutions do not need to maintain a different staff for maintaining and upkeeping the infrastructure and servers.

For small businesses it is a boon to have this arrangement where they could invest their resources only on business functions that drives more revenue for them.

Why on-cloud solution is better than on-prem?

The companies have an “On-cloud” first attitude and in the current business scenario, it has become a must to have a way to manage the business. There are several advantages of on-cloud systems over the on-prem system, these include and are not limited to:

  • On-cloud systems offer better security features than on-prem systems. There is no risk of data loss due to the physical wear and tear and no risk involved such as fire, damage, destruction, natural disasters etc.
  • On-cloud systems are scalable, they let you easily scale up applications according to your needs as and when it arises.
  • On-cloud systems are cheaper than maintaining an on-prem solution as the cost of physically maintaining the on-premises infrastructure is eliminated.
  • If you are using on-cloud solutions, you don’t need to worry about the upkeep of infrastructure, security, physical servers, patching, redundancy and updates.
  • On-cloud software can be deployed in a matter of hours or days via internet and there is no need of physical servers.
  • There is no limitation of connectivity for different time zones and accessibility with on-cloud solution viz a viz its counterpart on-prem.
  • With on-cloud solutions you don’t need to invest in the staff expenditure for managing the server and LAN.
  • In nearly every use case, on-cloud solution is cheaper option than on-prem solution by a significant margin.

For less, you get EXTRA

There are certain advantages that only businesses that uses on-cloud solutions by Microsoft enjoys. If you are currently using an on-premises legacy system and wants to migrate to on-cloud system from Microsoft, there are some extra features you could enjoy such as the migration is faster, it is more scalable, its faster and more secure.

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