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How Can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Help Your Business Grow?

13 September 2022
Sam Peterson
Sam Peterson
How Can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Help Your Business Grow?

If your business is still running on Legacy ERP System, there must be common challenges you might be facing, which directly or indirectly shall be impacting the growth of the business. Running on an outdated operating system top’s the list of issues a business working on a Legacy ERP system face. Your ERP is rightfully missing the multi-core CPU capabilities.

Secondly, what your Legacy ERP is missing is of grave concern, the capability of integrating your older ERP system with productivity tools. The integration in the current scenario with Legacy ERP at times results in data loss, processing issues, etc.

Scalability and data security are a few other challenges that businesses on Legacy ERP system face. With the possibilities of cyber-attacks and security breaches, businesses need to be running on a highly secured server that Modern ERP Systems can provide.

How SMBs can get benefit from Dynamics 365?

If you are a small and medium business (SMB) looking to implement a business management solution like an ERP or CRM to streamline and automate your business operations, you should consider Microsoft Dynamics 365 tools.

By combining all your company needs in the cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based suite of ERP and CRM software that may help you drive your business’ growth and success.

Dynamics 365 offers automation and productivity tools with improved security and compliance. The Artificial Intelligence capabilities of the system provide native intelligence and real-time insights that help in informed decision-making to drive growth.

The tool helps in connecting the data across the organization and the siloed business functions to facilitate a unified view of the organization.

The CRM capabilities of Dynamics 365 help your business with better marketing and customer experience, businesses can have customer insights that help in more sales closure and revenue for the company.

Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Businesses

The capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 are significant, and they facilitate the businesses to future-proof.

Seamless Integration Capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP capabilities integrate the business functions seamlessly which provides a unified view for better decision making.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides your team with a user-friendly and unified interface. The user’s adoption is facilitated by the familiar interface, which also makes it simpler for users to adapt their solution to develop new apps utilising tools like Microsoft Flow.

Connected Systems and Real-Time Access to Data

Microsoft Dynamics 365 connects all the business functions in the organization like Finance, Supply Chain, Operations, and Marketing, and provides a holistic view of the business operations.

It eliminates the data siloes in the organization and provides easy access across all the departments. The unified view of the business helps in better decision-making.

Business Function Automation and Productivity

With the Artificial Intelligence capabilities of the tool, businesses can automate repetitive tasks, which facilitates strategic decision-making ability and improved productivity for the business.

With the automation of the workflows, the overall productivity of your employees improves significantly and so thus the business performance.

Better and Improved Marketing, Higher Sales

Marketing and sales teams benefit greatly from the features offered by Dynamics 365. Dynamics can help you boost marketing and sales by offering a collaborative communication system that ensures various departments connect more effectively and use real-time data to make prompt, informed decisions.

Dynamics 365 streamlines the sales process by removing repetitive and redundant steps and offers predictive analysis to meet customer requirements efficiently.

State of the Art Security and Compliances

With Dynamics 365 business model, businesses can ensure the privacy of data and improve security from external threats. The tool allows you to keep your data secured and backed up in Microsoft’s secure cloud but gives businesses complete control and access to access and manage it.

Customer Satisfaction and Personalized Experiences

Utilising tailored communication, Dynamics 365 capabilities help you improve customer relationship management. You can track leads with real-time data by using the solution, which makes it simple to access and manage all customer data. With the help of the features provided by the Dynamics 365 system, you may create customised contact messages and create an intelligent feedback system to improve client satisfaction.

Comprehensive Reporting and Easy to Access Report Wizard

The “Report Wizard” is a feature of the Customer Engagement apps in Dynamics 365. It facilitates businesses to create custom reports within Power BI to analyse, forecast, and go at the data without having to worry about it.

Integration with Microsoft Tools

Microsoft Dynamics 365 seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft products like MS Office, Power BI, Sharepoint, Outlook etc. which helps businesses to have a single view of the entire operations and customers.

Integration with Third-Party Tools

Dynamics 365 has integration capabilities with third-party applications that keep the business operations smooth and Such integration allows companies to leverage all tools and resources of Microsoft to get their business done.

Improved and Seamless Stakeholders Access

The features of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM are created to make your sales, marketing, and customer service teams more effective at what they do. Shared meeting notes, events, and custom sales documents produced with real-time coauthoring allow more cooperation and coordination.

It provides the sales team with predictive analysis and the artificial intelligence capabilities of the tool help in lead scoring.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 has both ERP and CRM capabilities that facilitate businesses to get a holistic and unified view of their operations. This business management tool streamlines and automates the workflows in the organization which helps in eliminating redundant activities and allows for better decision making.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is highly flexible, customizable, and scalable for any business looking to implement an ERP or CRM.

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