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Dynamics 365 Business Central – Boost Business Productivity

26 August 2022
Sam Peterson
Sam Peterson
Dynamics 365 Business Central – Boost Business Productivity

Siloed and disconnected systems slow the growth of businesses. Businesses in modern times need an ERP that supports them in real-time decision making, provides the businesses with data and helps them increase productivity with Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

Being a small business owner, you’ll probably be involved in day-to-day business operations that are becoming complex and requires a modern-day ERP System like Dynamics 365 Business Central that helps your business grow.

Assuming you began your firm with simple accounting software, you notice that going between your email, CRM, accounting software, and possibly another program that keeps track of production or inventory takes up much of your day which holds your business back.

If your systems are not integrated, it involves repetitive manual data entry which is not only time-consuming but also an unproductive task that holds your business from scaling.

D365 Business Central benefits keeps businesses with the pace of growth and scale effectively. It helps you automate and streamlines tasks across different business functions which lets you focus on strategic decision-making, to grow your business.

How Dynamics 365 Business Central Boost Business Productivity

Lower cost of business ownership

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based ERP that is highly adaptable and packed with features that enable businesses to marginally reduce the cost of operations.

Business Central pricing is on per user license model and being on the cloud helps the businesses to reduce the cost of maintaining IT Infrastructure – which comes with an additional cost of expensive upgrades and ongoing maintenance.

Business Central implementation on the cloud helps the businesses to have a zero-investment approach when using Azure cloud hosting (only for data storage). The maintenance is taken care of by Microsoft and upgrades are automatically done twice yearly with large functionalities.

With Business Central for SMBs (On Cloud), the businesses can function on lean internal IT resources which reduces the cost of the operation, not possible in the case of on-premises implementation of an ERP.

Connects your entire business

To ensure optimal efficiency and growth, Business Central software will connect your business systems, processes, and people. Business Central comes to the rescue in automating manual data entry tasks or constantly going back and forth between different business systems.

Business Central integrates the business functions, automates, and streamlines various processes that help businesses to function at optimal efficiency. It provides a single source of truth and a centralized platform to manage different business functions like financials, sales, service, and operations.

Business Central modules can integrate with 3rd party applications and provides a unified view of information from different systems in real-time, whether the data originates in the ERP or other systems.

Finally, it connects seamlessly with Office 365, allowing you to manage everything from quotes to payments within Outlook. Minimizing the time spent navigating between independent apps, increases productivity and eliminates organizational silos.

Flexibility to work from anywhere, any device

Business Central is a cloud-based ERP that allows you to access the system from anywhere, anytime and through any device whether a pc, mobile, or tablet.

Your business can run effectively even when you or your staff are not in the office since you have secure access to your data from anywhere. In the present pandemic environment, when many businesses are encouraged to keep staff at home whenever feasible, this mobility is especially crucial. Your business can succeed despite external factors due to the ability to work remotely from any location.

Business Central is fully integrated with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams thus facilitating communication within the team. Through a comment, chat, or video conference you can share details about a specific business case with your colleagues and ask for clarifications for a document in the system even if you are away from the office.

Earn More Customers, Enhance Customer Experience

Business Central streamlines and automates the business processes through easy-to-use workflows, through automating repetitive tasks the overall efficiency of the business increases including the sales team.

With the integrated and artificial intelligence capabilities of the system, sales teams get greater visibility into customer data and behavior which improves the efficiency of the sales team, customer interactions, and customer experiences.

Dynamics 365 Business Central doesn’t only store the data in a single database but also provides insights into customers’ buying habits and preferences. With this type of information, the sales team can understand more about customer needs and behavior which helps them to provide better customer experiences and convert more sales.

Customer behavior data gives the business insights to design new products or services that will win and retain more customers.

Better Data Security

Microsoft offers in-built security with Dynamics 365 Business Central, and businesses can run their entire operations without worrying about data and security patches.

Microsoft keeps the tool secured against any breach or attacks. Businesses get strong access codes and data encryption to prevent any wrongdoing.

Simplified Reporting

Business Central facilitates better decision-making by storing the data from all the departments and business functions in a single platform that streamlines reporting simplify month-end close and reduces data entry errors.

Through a single source of truth, businesses can get an end-to-end view into the performance and businesses can also do deep-dive analysis with Microsoft Power BI (integrable with the platform).

Business Central provides rich visuals and custom dashboards that allow businesses to gain new insights and spot trends and patterns, which simplifies the reporting and lets you take data-driven decisions to improve business performance and revenue.


If you are a Small and Medium Business (SMB) and if your current accounting software has outgrown your business requirement, D365 Business Central ERP can help you integrate, streamline and automate different business functions that lets you grow the business and revenue.

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