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Top 11 ERP Systems for Manufacturing: Keeping Productivity at Heart

31 Mar 2023
Top 11 ERP Systems for Manufacturing: Keeping Productivity at Heart

Business agility to adapt to emerging market challenges and having futuristic business solutions to unleash your growth potential and stay ahead of the competition is the need of the hour.

Of late, several ERP solutions have started making their presence felt in the world of manufacturing and production. However, choosing the right ERP for your Manufacturing business is going to be a job easier said than done. Well, that is because the requirements of each manufacturing business are bound to be different. Let us explore the best ERP options and how they can make a difference to your business.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are software applications that help organisations manage and integrate their complex core business processes seamlessly, including finance, manufacturing, supply chain, human resources, and customer relationship management to increase business automation. It powers your business with smart productivity features to transform production operations and enhance service delivery. All business makes use of intelligent data insights to make data-driven decisions using AI & ML technology and scale higher.


A manufacturing business dealing in leather jackets will have to keep track of various raw materials, right from a steady supply of leather to a never-ending supply of buttons. On the other hand, a company producing sugar would always require a steady supply of sugarcane. So, keeping track of its stocks would be one of the company’s biggest priorities.

So, the type and kind of ERP software or ERP solutions for manufacturing you choose would depend upon your business requirements.

Before we explore the types of ERP systems for manufacturing, let us check why ERP is important for a manufacturing business.

Why is ERP Necessary for Manufacturing?

Why is ERP Necessary for Manufacturing?
  • Get real-time data on Inventory, supply, sales and production to increase transparency
  • ERP systems for manufacturing can streamline operations by consolidating multiple processes This way, you spend less time on administrative tasks
  • Gives better visibility of the business to have more control to manage the business
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Smart budgeting and production planning and control

What is ERP for Manufacturing?

What is ERP for Manufacturing?

Manufacturing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a type of business management software that is designed to help manufacturing companies streamline and optimise their operations. A manufacturing ERP solution is a comprehensive system that is known for its unified database.

It takes care of various business processes pertaining to accounting and finance, supply chain management, purchases, etc. Moreover, manufacturing ERP software helps you to keep track of all the item-level inventory records for raw materials intact.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing ERP

Let us focus on the major things to keep in mind while choosing an ERP for manufacturing:

  • Experience: An organisation should consider the decades-long experienced vendor to implement the ERP system to avoid any glitches.
  • Cost: An organisation should consider both upfront & long-term costs associated with the ERP system licensing, implementation etc.
  • Methodology: Ensure that the ERP methodology aligns with your business’s requirements & goals to grow tremendously.

Top 11 ERP Systems for Manufacturing Industry

Let us take a closer look at the top 11 ERP systems for manufacturing in detail:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Dynamics 365 ERP Solutions from the house of Microsoft easily top our list. It provides the following agile and futuristic ERP solutions that keep you ahead of the competition:

Dynamics 365 ERP helps businesses get comprehensive visibility of its complex functions to provide ease of managing business and highlighting growth opportunities in the form of process optimisation and cost minimisation. It aids you in real-time tracking of products, consumers, and performance metrics to give businesses greater flexibility and scope to respond to changes quickly and steadily. Plus, this cloud-powered ERP solution provides you with anywhere, and anytime, access to information.

Empower Your Team to Achieve More

Resources are empowered when data is available to enable innovation and transformation. You will be able to produce new goods more quickly and take advantage of trends and advancements before your rivals if you have better coordination to do smart budgeting, better production planning and scheduling to change the way you manage your manufacturing business to achieve more.

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Why Choose Dynamics 365 ERP?

  • Digitisation of Operations
  • Enhanced customer experiences
  • Classified & Organised Data

Dynamics 365 ERP from the house of Microsoft is easily the most innovative and sought-after choice for businesses for its futuristic and agile solutions that helps you to stay ahead and scale higher. Start your digital transformation journey today.

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Aptean ERP


Aptean focuses on safeguarding the livelihoods of food producers and boasts of keeping up with the most recent customer trends and habits in the food and beverage business. The Aptean ERP package specialises in niche-oriented and industry-specific software solutions, mainly for the biotech/life sciences and the food & beverage manufacturing industries. It was created after the merging of CDC software and Consola Company was completed.

Why Choose Aptean ERP?

  • Supports IP-related studies and safeguards intellectual property
  • Upholds ongoing adherence to food safety guidelines
  • Optimises delivery path arrangements

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Aquilon ERP


There are 17 components that make up the Aquilon ERP software package. Manufacturing control, distribution & management of supply chains, and finance management are all supported by these modules. Aquilon participates in social responsibility projects and advises clients to pursue environmentally friendly practices including preserving reports to eliminate the need for paper records.

Why Choose Aquilon ERP?

  • Add-on Aquilon2Go allows for remote access to sales data
  • Manufacturing module has features for estimation and re-manufacturing
  • Role-based security

Fishbowl ERP


Businesses of all sizes may utilise Fishbowl as an asset tracking system and inventory management programme. It emphasises creativity and simplicity. Fishbowl can integrate with any version of Quickbooks, allowing users to continue using a linked programme that they are familiar with.

Why Choose Fishbowl ERP?

  • Barcode scanning capabilities that work with CRM features
  • Integrates with Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, among others
  • Enables you to manage several employment sites

Oracle Netsuite ERP


Budgetary control, order tracking, management of supply chains, and other business intelligence operations are all taken care of by Oracle Netsuite, a unified business management suite. Netsuite is supported and powered by Oracle's robust cloud ERP solutions.

Why Choose Netsuite by Oracle?

  • Includes sourcing solutions
  • Intuitive interface for budgeting and forecasting
  • Data-driven financial management dashboard

SAP Business One

SAP Business One

Another product from renowned software vendor SAP is SAP Business One. It is an ERP software programme that is quite popular among manufacturers as well. It features modules for billing of materials, manufacturing orders, accountancy, procurement, materials resources planning (MRP), and production schedules. It also has modules for sales quotations and orders.

Why Choose SAP Business One?

  • Nurturing and lead generation capabilities
  • Flexible in terms of scalability
  • Robust Automation Tools

Acumatica ERP


This manufacturing ERP software called Acumatica combines accounting, inventory control, and production. It enables you to determine your overall production costs and produce precise pricing. The financial management interface for Acumatica is made for businesses with complicated needs; it enables you to automate reporting, simplify operations, and tap into global markets.

Why Choose Acumatica ERP?

  • Removes out-of-date and inaccurate information
  • Monitoring and regulating engineering developments
  • To cut expenses, balance supply and demand

Ecount ERP


Another reliable web-based manufacturing software is Ecount ERP, which enables users to control all aspects of a company's operations, from manufacturing and accounting to inventory control and human resources. This has been made possible by several interconnected elements, such as process management, inventory reporting, bills of materials, customer relationship management, project management, and payroll administration.

Why Choose Ecount ERP?

  • Can be customised according to the user’s needs
  • Pocket-friendly plans
  • Tailor-made for manufacturing

Kronos ERP


Kronos ERP is renowned for its excellent labour management capabilities. One of them is its Workforce Dimensions Suite, which gives customers access to real-time information about the workforce's labour activities. Moreover, its Workforce Planner automates scheduling and may boost worker efficiency. There are other modules for managing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), taxes, benefits registration, payment automation, and payroll. Established manufacturers including Cargill, Polaris, and Johnson Controls employ the solution.

Why Choose Kronos ERP?

  • Workforce automation to manage important resources
  • Tracks productivity
  • The HCM is engaging



Infor VISUAL ERP is a genuine end-to-end solution since it offers customers practical modules and features that cover every stage of their operational cycle. Among the most important characteristics are configuration management, financial management, throughput management, quality management, and sales management. It also features powerful backend technologies, such as dimensional inventory, shop floor automation, and engineering change control. Moreover, the software supplier offers mobile apps that provide you access to its capabilities on iOS and Android gadgets.

Why Choose VISUAL ERP?

  • The ideal choice for manufacturing businesses
  • Can be scaled as per your business needs
  • Contains futuristic collaboration and communication tools

Deltek Costpoint

Deltek Costpoint

The ERP platform Deltek Costpoint is adaptable enough for a variety of businesses. It is well-liked among manufacturing companies that work with the government. As a single integrated system, it offers end-to-end solutions, from engineering to order manufacturing. Key features include collaborator management, payroll administration, analytical insights, enterprise reporting, procurement, and integrated budgeting. It also contains crucial regulatory and HR functions.

Why Choose Deltek Costpoint?

  • Robust HR capabilities
  • Integration gets simplified
  • Deployment becomes easier than usual

Tips for a Successful ERP implementation

When going for an ERP Implementation, follow the following tips to ensure a seamless ERP implementation:

  • Conducting gap analysis
  • Design a detailed FRD (Functional Requirements Document)
  • Choose the right environment and setup
  • Successful migration of Data
  • Perform UAT (User Acceptance Testing)
  • Executive assistance and employee participation and training
  • Well-defined project scope
  • Industry expert Supervision

ERP Cost

We cannot unfold the exact ERP costing as it relies on several factors such as the complexity of an organisation, its requirements, and the number of users.

To know the ERP for manufacturing cost structure, contact our Dynamics 365 consultants to analyse your growth areas to get a customised ERP solution for your manufacturing.

Choosing the Right ERP Implementation Partner

Choosing the Right ERP Implementation Partner

As per industry reports, more than 75% of ERP implementations are not successful. So, just having a solution is not enough, choosing the right ERP Implementation Partner is equally important. Dynamics Square is the leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner that you can pin your faith on. For more information, contact the team of Dynamics 365 experts now.

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The bottom line is, you will get to see several cost-effective and user-friendly ERP software solutions as soon as you hit the market. Some might have better agility and flexibility to adapt to your business needs, while others might be known for their user-friendliness.

You can give the ever-reliant Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP a try if you are searching for a cloud-powered solution to take your manufacturing business to the next level. It has various built-in features and smart workflows supporting inventory control, vendor management, supply chain, procurement, warehousing and material sourcing, procurement, finance, sales, purchase and customer service, etc. To optimise the manufacturing process and change the way you manage your manufacturing business. If you have not embraced it yet, now is certainly the time to go for it.

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