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Here’s Everything You Should Know About Dynamics AX Support

23 October 2023
Sam Peterson
Sam Peterson
Here’s Everything You Should Know About Dynamics AX Support

Dynamics AX 2009 Service Pack 1 (SP1), Dynamics AX 2012, and Dynamics AX 2012 R2 no longer receive regular updates as of October 9, 2018. These three versions received security updates throughout the extended support term, which concluded on April 12, 2022.

On October 12, 2021, mainstream support for Dynamics AX 2012 R3 came to an end. Through the extended support period, which lasted until January 10, 2023, only security hotfixes were being offered.

Why Assistance is Crucial?

Why Assistance is Crucial?

Operating your business on unsupported systems can have serious repercussions. These include a company's productivity losses as well as safety issues and compliance infractions. Even though it could appear that unsupported software can reduce the expenses associated with implementing a new system and its technical transformation, the long-term costs, such as IT employees, legal fees, etc. of maintaining the current environment may be more.

What Are the Options for Dynamics AX Users?

What Are the Options for Dynamics AX Users?

Businesses all across the world have always had a difficult time selecting the best ERP. Although choosing an ERP solution is challenging, having a system in place that streamlines your company's operations makes complete sense given the advantages. Dynamics AX 2012, Dynamics AX 2012 R2, and Dynamics AX 2012 R3 no longer receive any mainstream support from Microsoft as of 2023.

Current Dynamics AX customers should think about switching their ERP systems to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain because Dynamics AX will no longer get any future upgrades or patches.

End of Microsoft Dynamics AX Mainstream Support: Your Options

End of Microsoft Dynamics AX Mainstream Support

Microsoft Dynamics AX no longer receives feature or security upgrades from Microsoft as a result of Microsoft ceasing general support for the product. Businesses utilising Microsoft Dynamics AX may incur higher expenditures as a result of this circumstance, and their ability to grow may be constrained because they are unable to take use of the cloud-based advantages of the Dynamics 365 Finance solution, such as centralised data management and faster workflows.

We are here to offer comprehensive solutions and support, whether you require help with upgrading to Dynamics 365 Finance, technical support for Dynamics AX, or aid with cloud migration.

Receive Personalised Support for Dynamics AX

Dynamics Square will take care of the situation for you if you want to keep using Microsoft Dynamics AX but are concerned about the end of mainstream support. As the top Microsoft Business Applications Solutions Partner in Australia, we offer individualised Dynamics AX assistance around-the-clock. We are committed to servicing and developing Australian businesses with our 13+ years of experience.

Optimize Your System with Unlimited, Proactive Dynamics AX Support

Are you receiving the necessary degree of assistance from your current Microsoft Dynamics AX managed services partner? Do you require more specialised knowledge than your own team can offer? Perhaps you want proactive, strategic direction rather than just support tickets when it comes to running your software programme. Whatever brought you here, we think you've come to the right spot.

Peak performers are aware that success necessitates a dedication to ongoing development. Dynamics implementation gives you a solid basis, but you still need to keep up with all the changes that occur afterward in your company, your industry, and the application.

Get Dynamics AX Support from Dynamics Square

We do a system check to assess your current system's upgrading needs while assisting your future potential, taking into account your current company requirements and future considerations.

Our knowledgeable Dynamics 365 specialists are able to analyse your ERP system, determine the actual system upgrades that are required, and recommend the best course of action for your unique business requirements.

Following system analysis, it will be up to you to decide whether to move on with new system configurations or prefer to stick with your current one. Additionally, you can schedule a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Demo to know system’s capabilities.

Get Dynamics AX Support from a Trusted Microsoft Partner

It is important for you to choose only the best Microsoft support partner if you are looking to take your business to the next level.

Enterprises must have a top-notch support system in place to guarantee process continuity, stabilise your process optimisation, and concentrate on the scope of your business. Through specialised Dynamics 365 Support Services created for a particular business model and unique business practises, a more reliable, efficient, and seamless business flow may be realised.

Our Microsoft certified staff can assist you in determining your support needs and can offer pro-active support to promote scalable and effective flow throughout your organisational structure. Through our committed support services, we can accurately and reliably pinpoint your system's problems and quickly address them.

AX support while migrating to Dynamics 365 Finance & SCM

AX support while migrating to Dynamics 365 Finance & SCM

Is your company debating whether to migrate from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 online or keep it on-premises? You must comprehend the financial impact of your current Dynamics AX solution and how it compares to Dynamics 365 online in order to decide whether this is the best course of action.

Businesses can also adjust more quickly, expanding to new locations or regions or reducing the time needed to integrate recently acquired companies. This shortens the period of time needed to standardise and enhance performance as well as acquire reliable worldwide performance insights.

Here are the steps you need to keep in mind while migrating from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365:

Step 1: Evaluate the Dynamics AX environment you currently have

Evaluation of your present environment is the first stage in the migration from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365. The size and complexity of your data, as well as any customisations or integrations that would need to be moved, must then be determined. It's also crucial to determine the existence of any third-party programmes or add-ons that are currently in use and determine whether or not they work with Dynamics 365.

Step 2: Plan your migration strategy

You must prepare your migration strategy after evaluating your current environment. Choosing the right strategy for data migration, customisations, and integrations is necessary. There are various migration possibilities, including a re-implementation, a phased approach, or a direct upgrade.

Step 3: Get ready to migrate your data

You must get your data ready for migration before starting the migration procedure. To maintain consistency and accuracy, you must clean up your data. You might also need to convert your data into a format that Dynamics 365 can use. The success of your migration and the calibre of your data in the new system may be affected by this crucial step.

Step 4: Migrate your data

As soon as the necessary data is prepared, the migration procedure starts. It is essential to properly examine your data at this step to make sure that it has been migrated correctly and that there are no mistakes or discrepancies.

Step 5: Move your integrations and customisations

You must migrate your modifications and integrations after the data conversion. This can entail updating modifications . To make sure your integrations and modifications function properly in the new system, you must test them as well.

Step 6: Train your users

You must instruct your users on how to utilise the new system once your migration is finished. This entails giving them instruction manuals and practical training sessions. Make sure your users feel at ease using the new system and are aware of how to get the most out of it.

How to choose the right Microsoft Partner for Dynamics AX support

How to choose the right Microsoft Partner for Dynamics AX support
  • Look for qualifications and certifications: A certified and credentialed Microsoft Dynamics partner will be able to demonstrate their proficiency in implementing and maintaining Microsoft Dynamics systems. In the pertinent fields of knowledge, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM), look for partners who have gained the Microsoft’s 'Solutions Partner’ designation.

  • Look for knowledge of the industry: It's crucial to pick a business partner with prior experience in your sector. This will make it more likely that the partner will comprehend your company's needs and be able to customise the solution to suit them. Request case studies and references that illustrate the partner's expertise in your sector.

  • Check out the partner's implementation strategy: A competent Microsoft Dynamics partner should have a clear implementation process that has been tried and true to be effective. Make sure that the partner's implementation technique is in line with the project management procedures used by your company by asking for information of it.

  • Review the training and support provided by the partner: To make sure that a new business solution continues to suit your company's goals, it is necessary to provide ongoing support and training services. A proficient Microsoft Dynamics partner need to offer thorough support and training services that are customised to your company's needs.

  • Find a partner who can provide a whole solution: Software licences, implementation services, support, and training should all be included in a comprehensive solution provided by an authorised Microsoft Dynamics partner. You can make sure that you have a single point of contact for all of your needs by selecting a partner who can provide a comprehensive solution.

What Dynamics AX Support services do we provide?

Dynamics AX Support services

You have several adaptable Dynamics 365 support choices thanks to Dynamics Square. Whether you need technical assistance, advice, or something else entirely, we can help. With a history of offering unmatched client satisfaction and continually raising the standard, our stellar track record speaks for itself.

Technical Assistance

Do you need a reliable help desk for Dynamics 365? You can rely on our staff to give you all the technical support and Dynamics 365-related assistance you need.


Do you want problems to be resolved quickly? With difficult configuration and implementation issues, our qualified consultants and experts help you.

Development of Reports

Do you desire to make wise choices? You may create smart reports to make smart decisions with the assistance of our skilled team.


Are you prepared to increase your output? We assist you in smoothly integrating Dynamics 365 with other enterprise software.


Do you want anything made to order? By modifying Dynamics 365 solutions, we streamline your crucial business processes and collaborations.

Dynamics Square: Why Is It Important to Pick the Right Support Partner?

Support Partner

More than 70% of digital transformations and implementations fail, according to a recent survey. Choosing the best support partner is just as crucial as having the proper enterprise solution. Leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support Partner Dynamics Square is renowned for helping Australian businesses shift successfully through digital technology.


Working with reputable Dynamics 365 implementation and migration partners can help you reduce risks and disruptions and ensure a smooth transition from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 maximise the advantages of the new platform, and unlock the full potential of Dynamics 365.

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Looking for Localised Support Partner?

Let's collaborate with Australia’s trusted localised support partner to maximise your business potential! Let us drive success in your business with our Dynamics 365 Support Services.

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