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Dynamics 365 Field Service: Next-Gen Customer Experiences

28 Jun 2024
Sam Peterson
Sam Peterson
Dynamics 365 Field Service: Next-Gen Customer Experiences

Are you looking for ways to improve your first-time fix rates, faster invoicing and increased employee and customer satisfaction?

If you are still using legacy systems or a combination of manual tools to manage your field service operations, then it’s impossible to achieve your desired goals.

Let me explain why. The systems you are using create communication gaps and make it hard for the managers to gather all the information needed to track their team’s daily progress against goals. As a result, your field service operations are inefficient, making it tough to survive in this cut-throat competition.

Therefore, it’s time to invest in a cutting-edge solution that will help you achieve everything required to take your business to the next level.

Enter Dynamics 365 Field Service! The advanced solution helps businesses enhance customer retention and growth by exceeding service expectations while also saving money through increased productivity.

A Forrester Consulting study reveals that implementing Dynamics 365 Field Service improves first-time fix rates of customer issues, leading to a 12% reduction in the need for follow-up visits by service trucks. Again, the productivity of the field technicians also increases to 14% after the implementation of Dynamics 365 Field Service.

There are plenty more examples like these. Aren’t these enough to at least start thinking about investing in this advanced solution? Do read our blog to gather more information for informed decision-making.

What is Dynamics 365 Field Service?

Dynamics 365 Field Service is a leading field service management solution enabling businesses to streamline their service operations. It includes tools for managing, scheduling and performing tasks efficiently. Field Service connects people, locations and devices to create customer-focused experiences.

Dynamics 365 Field Service helps businesses provide on-site services to customers. It uses workflow automation, scheduling tools, and mobile support to ensure field workers can effectively solve problems at customer locations.

It includes tools for managing work orders, scheduling resources, managing assets and supporting frontline workers. Field Service helps organisations shift from paper-based, reactive service to proactive and predictive service, enabling digital transformation.

What are the Different Roles of Field Service?

A business offering field services has different duties to perform. To perform each duty, there is a fixed job role. Below are some of the essential job roles in field service operations using Dynamics 365 Field Service application.

1. Customer Service Agents Handle incoming requests and decide when to set up work orders for on-site visits. They primarily access the Dynamics 365 Field Service application via a web browser.

2. Service Manager Keep an eye on how well things are going and make sure services are delivered smoothly. They look for ways to make things work better and more consistent. Similar to customer service agents, service managers also use the application on a web browser to perform their jobs.

3. Dispatchers Check and plan work orders, then assign them to available workers using the schedule board. They either search for available resources or use the automated Resource Scheduling Optimisation Add-in for Dynamics 365 Field Service. Dispatchers also use the application on a web browser for their tasks.

4. Field Technicians Rely on the mobile app installed on their phone or tablet to manage their work orders and to conduct maintenance and repairs directly at customer locations.

5. Inventory Managers Manage the availability of supplies for field technician’s service calls and manage product returns and inventory purchases. They also utilise the application through a web browser.

What are the Capabilities of Dynamics 365 Field Service?

To foster customer preference and loyalty, it’s essential to deliver good service at the time when the customer requires it. However, timely issue resolution poses a significant challenge with legacy, fragmented systems because it’s difficult to access real-time accurate information when needed. Dynamics 365 Field Service overcomes these challenges with its cutting-edge capabilities.

Dynamics 365 Field Service offers real-time visibility into appointments through the customer portal, powered by Microsoft Power Apps. It ensures customers stay informed with automated service reminders and notifications via email and text messages. Additionally, it enhances customer insights by sending personalised surveys automatically after completing field service calls.

1. Work Orders These are primarily used (though not exclusively) to specify the service work required, performed at customer locations.

2. Remote Assistance Dynamics 365 Remote Assist offers real-time issue resolution and facilitates the initiation of step-by-step instructions via Dynamics 365 Guides.

3. Scheduling and Dispatch Tools The tools efficiently manage resources and equipment essential for customer service, visualise appointments at customer locations and optimise service schedules through effective routing and matching of resource skills.

4. Communication Tools The tools help to improve collaboration among customer service agents, dispatchers, field technicians, customers and other involved parties.

5. Easy-to-Use Mobile Application The mobile application is designed for simplicity, aiding technicians in managing schedule updates and service tasks with ease.

6. Asset Management The capabilities in asset management to monitor customer equipment and track service history.

7. Preventive Maintenance Automatically schedule recurring maintenance appointments for equipment to prevent issues proactively.

8. Inventory, Purchasing and Return Capabilities The capabilities manage truck stock, process purchase orders and handle product returns efficiently.

9. Billing Capabilities The capabilities in billing produce invoices based on products and services provided to customers.

10. Time Tracking It assists in monitoring resource allocation, including travel time, breaks and active work periods.

11. Reporting Analytics  tools provide reports on essential performance metrics for managing work orders, scheduling tasks, and engaging with customers.

What Does Dynamics 365 Field Service Transformation Look Like?

The advent of Copilot initiates a business revolution by enhancing productivity and efficiency. Integrating Copilot into Dynamics 365 Field Service streamlines the retrieval of relevant information using natural language. It will enhance organisational efficiency by streamlining the transactional work order management process.

Copilot for Field Service in Outlook craft customer responses, summarising essential details and suggesting next steps. It enables a seamless flow of financial and inventory data between Field Service and Dynamics 365 Business Central. The ability to quickly convert an email into a work order and schedule it will expedite customer responses and enhance the customer journey.

Integrating Field Service with Teams will significantly simplify communication regarding specific work orders, accounts, or other customer cases, thereby improving case resolution time. Are you ready to transform your field service operations with generative AI, the Internet of Things (IoT) and mixed reality? Let’s understand how we can achieve that.

Improved Technician’s Productivity

The Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile app gives frontline technicians quick access to all the information they need on the go. This modern interface uses familiar mobile navigation, gestures, and controls to make managing work orders, services and products easier.

Technicians can change the status of a booking with a swipe or get driving directions to a customer site with one tap, saving time and reducing the number of taps needed for key tasks by half. They can easily update work order details, add notes with multiple images and access step-by-step instructions, pictures and videos through embedded Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides.

Teams lets technicians see upcoming work orders at a glance in their Microsoft Viva Connections home experience and dive into details like location or issue type. They can share work order details via cards in Teams and use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist application to collaborate with remote experts in real time using 3D spatial annotations.

Redefine Work Order Management

With streamlined workflows and Copilot’s help, service managers can efficiently allocate resources, manage schedules and track progress, ensuring smooth operations. Dynamics 365 Field Service enhances collaboration with field technicians and customers, maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

Advanced analytics empower service managers to review feedback and performance metrics, identify improvement areas, and elevate service quality and customer experience.

AI Innovations with Copilot

Copilot improves the Field Service experience for both managers and frontline workers. Managers become more productive and deliver better service by using Copilot to manage and schedule work. Frontline workers can focus more on fixing issues with Copilot helping them find and update important information.

Copilot keeps users in the flow of work across web, mobile, and Microsoft 365 interfaces. It allows them to ask questions, update information and streamline their processes within Microsoft 365 applications and Field Services.

Streamline Resource Allocation

Field Service management is all about organising resources and planning schedules. When a job comes up unexpectedly, it’s important to handle it quickly and efficiently. Resource scheduling helps service teams prioritise these unexpected tasks and assign the closest available technician to get the job done.

The schedule board tools provide different ways for dispatchers, project managers and resource managers to view and manage schedules and it can be customised by partners to fit their specific needs.

Task Management in Microsoft 365

Integrating Field Service operations with Microsoft 365 applications is essential for Field Service teams. Managers and workers can start their day using Viva Connections and complete important tasks directly in Microsoft Teams and Outlook Copliot without switching applications. This integration helps streamline workflows and boost productivity.

Frontline managers and workers can create, view and manage work orders right within Microsoft 365 applications. Microsoft is combining collaboration tools and engagement systems into one seamless experience. Whether responding to customer emails in Outlook using Field Service Copilot prompts or updating work orders in Teams, everything happens within the applications they already use.

How to Choose a Dynamics 365 Field Service Support Partner?

Choosing the perfect business management solution to foster business growth is the battle half won. However, to secure final success, ensuring seamless Dynamics 365 implementation in Australia, competitive pricing, timely deployment, bug-free operation, and robust security measures are essential while ensuring your team can readily adapt to the system.

It’s the Dynamics 365 Field Service support partner who ensures all these elements and serves as the key to unlocking your business potential.

Therefore, right now, our task is to identify the ideal Dynamics 365 Field Service support partner whose objectives align with your long-term vision and mission. However, it’s not an easy task to find the perfect partner from the already saturated market of Dynamics 365 partners.

The good news is that your search for a perfect Dynamics 365 Field Service expert ends here with Dynamics Square. Let’s explore why Dynamics Square stands out among the crowd:

With over 15 years of experience, Dynamics Square excels in Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, mastering the art of addressing industry challenges promptly and effectively. What truly distinguishes us is our strategic approach – we don’t just implement solutions; we become your trusted IT partner, offering comprehensive support every step of the way.

Our commitment to support is unwavering, ensuring customer satisfaction through SLAs, priority-driven mechanisms and transparent agreements that encompass all necessary services without extra charges. We prioritise your satisfaction, allowing hassle-free termination if expectations aren’t met without tying you to a long-term contract or unnecessary hours.

We at Dynamics Square have always strived to provide the best implementation services to all kinds of businesses. The idea is to let the businesses gain more with Dynamics 365 Field Service implementation. To achieve this, we follow a tried and tested approach of 6 steps, including Diagnosis, Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment and Operational.

With a team of over 100 Microsoft-certified professionals, rest assured that you are in capable hands.


It is evident that with Dynamics 365 Field Service, technicians are better prepared thanks to the system-driven approach. They know their schedules in advance, have the necessary tools and parts to address customer issues promptly and effectively, and the customers are also notified when technicians are on their way to resolve the problem.

The dynamic solution not only boosts the effectiveness and output of the field service teams but also equips managers with greater visibility into employee actions and tools for enhanced management and utilisation of team resources.

To know more, contact our Dynamics 365 Field Service expert at Dynamics Square today. Don’t wait any longer; start your digital transformation journey today.

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