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A Quick Take on Dynamics 365 Business Central for IWs

30 April 2023
A Quick Take on Dynamics 365 Business Central for IWs

Dynamics 365 Business Central for IWs is an all-in-one business management solution that provides businesses with a wide set of tools to manage financials, operations, customer service and sales. All thanks to business central, businesses can now automate their tasks and streamline their processes. This would allow businesses to make data-driven decisions. In all fairness, Dynamics 365 Business Central for IWs is the best solution that you can go for to propel your business.

A striking feature of Business Central is its ability to empower information workers. It enables them to access the information they need to complete the tasks assigned to them with a greater degree of efficiency and effectiveness than usual.

Before we start moving at a rate of knots, it is important for you to know what an Information Worker (IW) is:

What, or Who, is an Information Worker (IW)

What, or Who, is an Information Worker (IW)/>
<p>An Information Worker is nothing but a user or individual who has been provided with one of the 10,000 trial licenses for Business Central.</p>

<p>In Dynamics 365 Business Central, an Information Worker (IW) is a user that works with data and information within the system. An IW is supposed to carry out a wide set of tasks, such as entering data, analysis, reporting, and formulating decisions in accordance with the information available in the system. It is here that Business Central for IWs will end up making your life simpler and easier than usual.</p>

<h2>The Benefits of Using a Business Central IW Trial Account</h2>
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A Business Central IW trial account offers numerous benefits to businesses across different areas of operation. Take this example: When it comes to sales and marketing, collaboration between teams is crucial for closing and finalising deals. It is the trial account that provides access to several features, such as email logging, integration, and campaign management with Dynamics 365 Sales to enable them to provide several pieces of relevant information to the buyers across various touchpoints.

Here is how a Business Central IW Trial Account Can be Useful

  • In sales and delivery, processing orders, and keeping track of them is immensely important. A Business Central Trial Account is the only thing you would need to keep your operations intact in the long run. A Business Central for IW trial account offers a wide set of features to the user, such as order administration, management of shipping addresses, management of returns and refunds, etc.
  • As far as purchasing payables is concerned, a business must make use of the opportunity to free up all its working cash by employing methods that supplement the flow of cash from the company's balance sheet. The trial account provides access to a host of features, such as purchasing invoices, invoice discounts, and management of purchase orders to help businesses accomplish this.
  • Adequate inventory management is essential, especially when times are challenging. The IW trial account from business central provides features for managing and streamlining inventory from basic inventory management to product monitoring and location transfers. This enables a business to have greater visibility of all the objects (down to the shelf level) in multiple locations.
  • As far as supply planning is concerned, businesses can employ technological solutions to enhance the distribution of goods, services and relevant information from suppliers to customers to strike a balance between supply and demand efficiently. The trial account is here to help a user estimate demand, plan the supply, and optimise the supply chain processes.
  • Last, but certainly not least, Business Central's automated management capabilities assist in and enhance the operations pertaining to the distribution centre and the warehouse. With a Business Central IW trial account, businesses can manage warehouse shipments, regulate movement, plan, and take charge of the entire process.

How Would I Get My Hands on a Business Central Trial Account?

If you wish to acquire a trial account for Dynamics 365 Business Central for IWs, you can seek assistance from a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. He/she would be able to guide you through the entire registration process.

Once you have registered, the Microsoft assistance team will help get the account up and running.

However, it is important to note that not all the features of the IW account would be available if you happen to be using the IW trial account. Interestingly, the account can still be used effectively in a production environment. Also, the paid licensing options offered by Business Central include the likes of Essential, External Accountant, Team Member, and Premium.

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How to Get IW Users Onboard?

To facilitate the onboarding process for IW users, there are several steps that can be taken by you.

First and foremost, it is important to create a corporate site that features a visually appealing welcome banner, which helps users feel engaged and motivated. Once the site has been set up, IW users can access all their tasks and start working on them.

In addition to the corporate website, another useful tool for getting IW users onboarded would be a checklist that ends up outlining all the necessary steps a user needs to undertake to complete the onboarding process. It is important for the user to not miss the important steps. By making the onboarding experience hassle-free, IW users are highly likely to spend time exploring the features of Business Central.

Finally, as an administrator, you can provide virtual tours to teach IW users how to use Business Central and perform the various tasks pertaining to work. These tours are comprised of a series of questions that tend to guide users through the platform and provide them with practical knowledge that can be used by them to streamline their daily workload. By taking advantage of these resources, IW users can become familiar with the platform quickly. This would help them use it effectively.

How to Get a Business Central Trial Account Created?

Follow the following steps to create a new Business Central Trial Account:

How to Get a Business Central Trial Account Created?
  • Check out the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central website and click on the button that reads 'Start Free Trial'
  • Fill out the form with all the important pieces of information about yourself, such as your name, email address, name of the company you work for, phone number, country, etc.
  • You will be able to choose the kind of deployment you want for your trial account. It can either be an on-cloud deployment or an on-premises deployment
  • If you choose cloud deployment, you would be required to choose the region of your preference
  • Also, choose the language that you prefer for your trial account
  • Agree to the terms of use (and privacy) statement. Do give it a read without fail
  • Click on the button that says 'create' and your trial account would be created
  • You will get an email that would contain a set of instructions to access the trial account. Follow the instructions to log in and start working on Business Central

PS: The trial account is valid for 30 days and would allow you to test the features and functionality of Business Central. If you decide to continue using Business Central after the completion of the trial period, you will be required to subscribe to one of the paid plans.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for IWs Price

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for IWs price can be checked out by contacting a reliable and prominent Business Central for IWs implementation partner. Dynamics Square can help you out if you wish to know more about the cost and the process of implementation.


It goes without saying that a Dynamics 365 Business Central for IWs account will help you take your business to the next level. It has a lot in store for the Information Workers. Right from inventory management to planning and execution of deliveries, a Business Central will go a long way in helping you take your business to the next level.

Book a free demo of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and you will soon come to terms with the power of the Cloud.

Transform Your Business with Business Central.

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