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Elevate Nonprofits to Excellence with Dynamics 365 Business Central

22 August 2023
Sam Peterson
Sam Peterson
Elevate Nonprofits to Excellence with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Do you face challenges in managing your nonprofit organisation?

Nonprofits exert considerable effort to generate a significant and quantifiable societal impact. However, challenges such as budget constraints, resource limitations and engagement and retention of appropriate volunteers and donors can undermine the foundation of your organisation.

An ideal nonprofit organisation effectively addresses its mission while continuously striving to enhance its outcomes. It encompasses efficient resource management, donor and volunteer engagement, program delivery and financial transparency maintenance to adapt to changing needs with strategic planning.

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, nonprofits need a combination of innovative strategic elements and cutting-edge operational practices to ensure ideal functioning. It's time to embrace digital transformation to achieve these goals for a scalable impact.

If you are ready to address your industry pain points, it's time to unveil the transformative solution that will reshape your nonprofit journey. Embracing an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is the path to realising your goals and enhancing your operational efficiency.

Curious to learn more? Keep reading the blog to gain comprehensive insights into how you can elevate your nonprofit to new heights.

What is the need for an ERP in Nonprofits?

What is the need for an ERP in Nonprofits

Nonprofits need a more efficient solution than Excel for allocating funds, maintaining donor and volunteer databases, reporting, and calculating expenses to improve accuracy and save valuable time and resources. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provides a comprehensive platform for streamlined financial management, donor relationship tracking and operational efficiency.

An ERP enables seamless integration of financials, accounting and operations within nonprofit organisations, funding sources, memberships and associations. It empowers nonprofits to enhance operational efficiencies, comply with regulations, automate key functions and facilitate easy engagement of new volunteers.

It is evident that an ERP system is the need of the hour to manage a nonprofit organisation. But choosing the best ERP solution for your business is the key to success.

Dynamics 365 Business Central for Nonprofit

Dynamics 365 Business Central for Nonprofit

The current ERP market is already saturated with a plethora of ERP solutions, making choosing the right one for your business a daunting task. An ERP solution that can cater to your specific business needs without much customisation requirement is the perfect fit for you. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is one such example.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an advanced, cloud-based comprehensive business management solution. It fosters automated processes, global mobility, real-time accessibility and robust defences to protect your business.

Business Central facilitates seamless connections between sales, service, finance and operations across your small and medium-sized business, enabling smarter collaboration, faster adaptation and enhanced overall performance. It offers remarkable flexibility and can be customised to suit specific business needs.

Its advanced features enable effective fund allocation, centralised donor and volunteer database management, and real-time reporting, ultimately optimising resource utilisation in nonprofits. Now that we have a fundamental understanding of Dynamics 365 Business Central let's delve into its significance in terms of nonprofit organisations.

What Sets Business Central Apart?

Microsoft developed Business Central as an all-in-one cloud-based business management solution. Handling its hosting, maintenance and updates in the cloud, Microsoft allows your internal team to work smoothly without the burden of hardware, licenses, data servers maintenance costs and efforts.

Dynamics 365 Business Central seamlessly integrates with familiar Microsoft applications, including Outlook, Teams, Excel and PowerPoint, to facilitate easy user adoption. Its user-friendly interface eliminates the exhaustive training sessions often required by other ERP solutions.

Business Central exhibits significant flexibility compared to alternative options, allowing you to customise the solution according to your unique business needs effectively. The solution offers remarkable scalability to assist your nonprofit organisation as it grows, accommodating its evolving requirements.

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Major Pain Points of the Nonprofit Business

Managing a nonprofit organisation on a constrained budget is more challenging than it appears. In pursuit of achieving a greater impact, it often confronts hurdles such as accounting complexities, regulatory obligations, donor engagement, and decelerating mission momentum.

To understand these challenges in detail, click Challenges of Nonprofits.

Let's look at how Dynamics 365 Business Central addresses your pain points and transform your nonprofit with its advanced functionalities.

How Does Business Central Benefit Nonprofits?

Dynamics 365 Business Central consolidates financials, accounting and operations into a unified dashboard with robust reporting capabilities. The platform streamlines, automates, and elevates your business workflows to foster fiscal accountability and positive societal impact.

Real-Time Reporting with Actionable Insights

Business Central provides powerful out-of-the-box financial reporting with customisable dashboards, enabling real-time cash flow insights, trend identification and enhanced planning. It helps nonprofits to manage grants, funding and budget quickly and effectively using integrated reporting solutions.

Advanced Financial Management

Business Central empowers your financial management and accounting to enable you quickly realise your ROI once your operation delivers on its mission. The 360-degree visibility empowers nonprofits with transparent transactions and comprehension of fund allocation for relevant activities.

Centralised Data Management

Business Central eliminates data silos and provides a centralised platform of record for all financial, accounting, donor and volunteer data through seamless integration. The unified system gives your team real-time data access to track financial performance, make informed decisions and accelerate financial closing.

Robust Security System

Business Central is built and protected within the secure Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure. Microsoft's periodic security updates enhance its powerful security measures, such as access controls, authentication mechanisms and encryption protocol, to maintain the privacy and integrity of their critical information.

Enhanced Donor, Volunteer and Member Management

Business Central facilitates effective management with integrated tools to streamline communication, tracking and engagement. It keeps records of every interaction to tailor them through centralised databases and automates donor contribution management, volunteer assignments and memberships renewals.

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Seamless Integration with Microsoft 365

Due to Cloud deployment, Business Central can easily integrate with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 suite of applications. This holistic approach offers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for managing fundraising, volunteer efforts, reporting, financials, marketing and other activities.

Why Business Central is the Right Accounting Software for Nonprofits?

Like exemplary accounting software, Business Central incorporates essential accounting features such as invoicing and expense monitoring. It also addresses nonprofits' requirements by offering dedicated accounting capabilities, including receiving donations, handling restricted funds and more.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is enriched with regular feature updates from Microsoft, ensuring compliance and supporting forecasting and budgeting. Additionally, it offers essential insights for informed decisions and strategic financial planning.

Business Central facilitates donor collaboration and aids nonprofits in their growth journey with automated workflows, accounting features and audit trials. It accelerates and automates consolidation for various currencies, dimensions, and budgets. Its cloud-based capabilities empower you to access real-time financial data remotely, improving efficiency.

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What is Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator?

Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator offered a unified platform to connect, embed, or extend Microsoft capabilities with Common Data Model for nonprofits. Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits replaces the Nonprofit Accelerator by integrating the capabilities of Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Azure and LinkedIn to cater to prevalent nonprofit needs.

Earlier nonprofit organisations utilise the Nonprofit Accelerator to handle program delivery, beneficiary management, fundraising, volunteer coordination and financial and operational aspects. Now nonprofit organisation drives scalable mission impact by enabling donor and volunteer engagement, effective program delivery and accelerated outcomes with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits.

Pricing Structure of Dynamics 365 Business Central

The pricing structure for Dynamics 365 Business Central varies depending on geographic location, sales channels, or territories. Business Central implementation has a flexible pricing structure, as the users can subscribe to only the applications they use.  

The following represents the Business Central price structure in Australia.

Essentials Premium Team Members
$104.80 per user/month $149.70 per user/month $12 per user/month
Financial Management Financial Management Read and Approve
Inventory Management Inventory Management Run all reports
Sales Order Management Sales Order Management Employee Self Serve
Purchase Order Management Purchase Order Management
Project Management Project Management
X Service Management
X Manufacturing

Learn more: Business Central Pricing

To get the best deal, contact Dynamics Square today.

Why Dynamics Square is the Perfect Partner?

A suitable support partner is just as crucial as finding the right business solution for your industry. The partner provides the guidance and assistance necessary to ensure successful implementation, ongoing support and continuous improvement of solutions to cater to unique business needs.

Dynamics Square became the tier 1 technology service provider with a global footprint. Rather than merely being a system implementation partner, we serve as a strategic IT partner to our customers. As Australia's leading support partner, we serve small and mid-sized businesses with a 98% customer retention track record.

Our robust clientele comprises over 100 customers situated in diverse Australian locations. We successfully delivered 500+ projects, achieving an impressive 99% customer satisfaction rate. We have a zero-defect implementation policy to ensure complete clarity with our customers.

Dynamics Square is Microsoft's preferred partner for nonprofit organisations. We have a strong core team with cross-functional expertise. For 15 years, we have specialised in Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, mastering their capabilities to tackle industry challenges effectively.


Are you now ready to leverage the robust Business Central capabilities for your nonprofit organisation?

If yes, you are about to revolutionise your nonprofit experience with streamlined financial, donor and volunteer management. With Dynamics 365 Business Central by your side, your nonprofit organisation can thrive and make an enduring remark on the communities you serve.

Contact Dynamics Square today to embrace the future of nonprofit management with cutting-edge Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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