Microsoft Relationship Sales

Develop lasting customer relations through relationship selling

Microsoft Relationship Sales combined with LinkedIn Sales Navigator in order to empower sellers to connected with buyers in a more personalized and meaningful manner.

Microsoft Relationship Sales solutions - Dynamics Square

Microsoft Relationship Sales solutions - Dynamics Square

Build customer relationships at scale with relationship selling

Develop lasting customer relations with your prestigious customers

  • Concentrate on building strong relations with the right customers

    Make the most of a 645 million-strong network on LinkedIn to connect your sellers with influencers and decision-makers.

  • Identify every member of the buying committee

    Go deep into a customer’s organization and connect with multiple buyers of the buying committee to improve your win rates. Additionally, visualize relationships amongst contacts and find out when they switch jobs with interactive org charts.

  • Empower your sellers with the most suitable path to reach out to buyers

    Introduce your sellers to all the buyers in their network and as well as to those in your organization for a warm introduction in order to help connect better.

Microsoft Relationship Sales solutions
Get deep insights into relationships

Get deep insights into relationships

  • Use recommended actions to build strong relations

    Push sales forward based on available customer interaction data in the application through LinkedIn, Dynamics 365 and Office 365.

  • Know everything about your buyers and their needs

    Let your sellers get a clear picture as to what buyers are interested in, via the content they share on LinkedIn and all the discussions they become part of. Alert them in real-time each time a buyer tries to connect with someone in the network or is spoken of in news.

  • Use personalized content to engage buyers

    Teach your sellers to make the most of Office 365 and SmartLinks in order to make it easy for them to personalize, package, share and track presentations. Also inform them each time presentations are forwarded to other people, so that they waste no time in identifying new stakeholders.

Create stronger engagement

  • Combine all relationship data across systems

    Create an environment conducive to growth in which your sales team get to build strong relationships with customers by letting them have access to contextual information such as profile data, profile data and buyer activities through Sales Navigator, Dynamics 365 Sales, Office 365 etc.

  • Build and sustain streamlined sales processes

    Send InMail Communications directly from Dynamics 365 and save time. Use event-oriented sales processes to guide sellers towards desirable results and minimize time spent on training them.

  • Maintain steady growth using seamless tools

    Dynamics 365 Relationships Sales integrates with Office 365 and Power BI to help sellers build strong relations in the present and going into the future. Work on an evolving platform such as this to suit your evolving needs.

Create stronger engagement


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Microsoft Relationship Sales


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Microsoft Relationship Sales solutions

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