Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

A real-time data platform that opens you up to an entirely new world

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Dynamics Square

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Dynamics Square

Merging data to create cohesive experiences

Get deep audience insights by unifying data

  • Use prebuilt connectors to bring together customer data

    Retrieve transactional, behavioral and demographic data in real-time for an up-to-date view of customers.

  • Create comprehensive profiles by streamlining data standardization

    Use map, match and merge techniques to reconciling conflicting data and resolving customer identities.

  • Add your customers’ interests and preferences to their profiles

    Use Microsoft Graph and other industry enrichment sources for proprietary audience intelligence to gain a more holistic view of customers.

  • Use customer feedback to augment profiles

    Use Dynamics 365 Customer Voice to incorporate customer sentiment and survey responses for richer customer profiles.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Obtain real-time engagement insights by analyzing customer behavior

  • Know how your customers behave across all touchpoints

    Connect data across websites, mobile apps and other connected devices, covering all touchpoints in the process. Monitor key-metrics through out-of-the-box interactive reports.

  • Understand the customer journey inside out

    Use funnel reports to identify obstacles as well as opportunities to optimize your journey.

  • Generate customized reports

    Create reports with custom measurements, dimensions and segments to suit your unique business needs using an intuitive report builder.

  • Get a more holistic view of your customers

    Build multidimensional profiles by incorporating high-intent signals from mobile apps, websites and other connected devices.

Use built-in AI to predict customer needs

  • Identify customers who are high-value and at-risk

    Predict customer lifetime value and churn risk by using prebuilt AI models.

  • Suggest to customers products and services that are of interest to them

    Identify all cross-sell and up-sell opportunities by leveraging prebuilt AI models.

  • Find out new audience segments

    Take full advantage of AI-driven recommendations. Else, define your own rich audience segments.

  • Monitor business performance closely

    Define and track key performance indicators (KPIs) by building measures using intuitive experiences.

  • Discover Azure Synapse Analytics

    Use it to extend and customize for advanced insights by combining customer data with financial, operational and unstructured IoT data.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Leverage AI-powered insights to take meaningful actions

  • Use turnkey integrations to activate real-time insights

    Export insights such as marketing automation, advertising and customer engagement platforms from Microsoft and other providers to relevant destinations.

  • Obtain contextual insights to take informed decisions

    Embed customer insights into your everyday applications to bring this task to fruition.

  • Discover Microsoft Power Automate

    It helps automate customer-centric experiences trigger workflows and processes.

  • Benefit from embedded insights to build customized applications

    Microsoft Power Apps helps build intelligent custom apps without the need to write code.

  • Start taking decisions in real-time

    Model and visualize insights about your customers by connecting with Microsoft Power BI.

Built-in security and compliance ensure a secure platform

  • Control customer data firmly

    Maintain thorough control over the use, distribution and removal of data in order to safeguard it thoroughly.

  • Protect sensitive data using Azure Information Protection

    The data classification labels and permissions in Azure Information Protection protect confidential data.

  • Deliver beyond what is expected as per industry

    Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is an enterprise-grade solution that has been certified by SOC, HIPAA, ISO and FedRAMP.

  • Become GDPR and CCPA Compliant

    Maintain compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) through built-in data governance tools.

Built-in security and compliance ensure a secure platform


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