Current challenges of Education Industry

Education Industry faces complete and different complexities at large. From data silos to a disconnected approach to executing learning programs, to a missing thread of collaboration between the education leaders and students are some of the common pain areas that the education industry needs an efficient approach to manage. The technology has been a boon in connecting different systems in the Education Industry and reducing the pain point to a minimum. Whether it’s about leveraging the technology for bringing efficiency to the education institution, connecting siloed systems, creating more personal and effective engagement programs, creating a hybrid and connected environment, digitalizing learning content, capacity development, and more are some of the unique challenges that an education institution faces and need solutions to cater them with efficiency.

Transformation made possible – Microsoft Solutions

For the ever-growing challenges, Microsoft provides solutions for efficiently managing the execution of learning programs, accessing a uniform platform to view the data, fostering an intelligent system with a student-centered approach, leveraging data analytics to optimize student outcomes, optimizing resources, and capability building and intensively focusing on growth. The solution allows the education leaders to have a holistic and systematic approach to handling the student’s data and program curriculum. Following are the benefits of Microsoft’s solution for the Education Industry:

Improve Businesses Processes

Learning Wellbeing

Improve Businesses Processes

Universal Connectivity

Improve Businesses Processes

Digital learning content availability

Improve Businesses Processes

Capacity Development

Improve Businesses Processes

Advocacy and Communication

Dynamics 365 Education Accelerator – Transforming education at its core

Witness the power of connectivity and solutions to transform the way you manage the education institutions. The solution offers a modern and holistic approach to the education leaders for managing and envisioning possibilities to drive efficiency.

Dynamics 365 Education Accelerator focuses on establishing a Common Data Model to eliminate data silos, enabling powerful insights and acting on their data.

Dynamics 365 Education Accelerator has the following components:

Dynamics 365 Education Accelerator – K-12

With the K-12 Component, schools can optimize student success through understanding data about the student journey. Below are the features that school can enjoy with this solution:

  • K-12 parent and student portal
  • Collect school paperwork and forms
  • School Management
  • Ability to engage donors and raise funds
  • Student behavior management application
  • Track and Report Attendance application and dashboard

Dynamics 365 Education Accelerator – Higher Education

With the higher education component of the Dynamics 365 Education Accelerator, institutions can optimize student and faculty engagement, improve institutional effectiveness, predict outcomes and gain insights from analytics. Below are the features the solution offers:

Improve Businesses Processes

Student Portal

Improve Businesses Processes

Tele-advising option for students

Improve Businesses Processes

View personalized progress

Improve Businesses Processes

Advisor Dashboard

Improve Businesses Processes

Business Partner Dashboard

Improve Businesses Processes

Institutional Dashboard

Improve Businesses Processes

Ability to engage donors and raise funds

Improve Businesses Processes

Attendance and student behavior tracker


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Frequent Questions

What are the common challenges faced by Education Industry?

The challenges that the education industry faces are digitalization, siloed systems, lack of unified platform, program tracking mechanism and capability building.

How can technology help in overcoming the challenges faced by Education Industry?

Technology has revolutionized the way education leaders could manage their institutions. Dynamics 365 Education Accelerator is one such web-based solution that leverage technology in driving growth to your education institution.

Is there an on-premises version available for the Dynamics 365 Education Accelerator?

No, the Dynamics 365 Education accelerator cannot be installed on-premises.

Which licensing and pricing model is required to use the Dynamics 365 education accelerator?

The education accelerator has modular solutions and require licenses. For more information, please feel free to connect with one of our representatives.

What are the core capabilities of the Dynamics 365 education accelerator?

The education accelerator encompasses two components: higher education and K-12 education. The higher education component provides access to a business partner dashboard, a holistic student information form, an institutional dashboard, and more. The K-12 education component includes a parent-and-student portal, a standards-based model application template, a student behavior management application, and more.


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