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Transform Your Service Operations Using Dynamics 365

03 April 2023
Transform Your Service Operations Using Dynamics 365

The saying “Customer is the King” is a widely recognised and respected principle in the business world, reflecting customers’ vital role in the success and growth of any business. The support to enhance your customers’ experience throughout their journey with your brand is crucial to increase brand trust, loyalty, and business productivity.

With the advent of technology and cut-throat competition in the market, you need to provide personalised assistance to the customers to meet their expectations as per their buying behaviour, sentiment analysis and past records to make them customers for life. It can be in the form of AI-powered automated product/service suggestions to assist them in making a buying decision or providing after-sales support. In the service industry, just delivery is not enough, the service approach is equally important, which includes the friendliness of your service agents, how well they respond to customer queries, and how quickly an issue is resolved, or an order is processed.

Let us explore how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions can transform your service operations by empowering your service agents to provide personalised assistance to customers and build long-lasting relationships to stay ahead of your competitors.

Major Challenges in Service Operations

Building mutually beneficial customer relationships is key to an organisation’s expansion and prosperity. In this era of cut-throat competition, traditional handling of customer service operations is a considerable challenge. Technology implementation is necessary to avoid damage to the company’s reputation due to poor customer relationships. Let us discuss some major challenges in the service operations:

Meeting Customers’ Evolving Needs

Customers’ requirements are increasing every day due to the emergence of new products or services that aim to entice them. For a business to keep growing, satisfying customers’ needs is paramount. Enhancing technology that adapts to changing conditions is necessary to optimise customer service operations.

Low First Case Resolution and Poor Resource Utilisation

Companies face challenges related to low first-case resolution in case of facing an unfamiliar or complicated issue onsite, experts cannot provide technicians with the necessary technical guidance without real-time visibility of the problem. Organisations struggle to provide immediate field service to customers due to unorganised technician scheduling resulting in increased resolution time making the customers wait and suffer for a longer time.

Poor Customer Retention

Customers long for attention and are no longer satisfied by traditional template-driven services that neither provide options to choose from, nor provide them with personalised assistance. These outdated service delivery procedures fail to meet their expectations and can impact customer retention and business turnover.

Lack of Proper Customer Feedback Mechanism

Customer feedback plays a key role in the growth of a company. The lack of transparent and smart communication channels and feedback redressal management to capture customers’ feedback and the dearth of a centralised customer database makes it difficult for service agents to understand the exact expectations of the customers. This leads to unsatisfied customers which might be detrimental to the company.

Major Solutions

How can Dynamics 365 Transform the Service Operations?

Dynamics 365 Solutions utilise world-class service capabilities combined with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT technology to forge exceptional customer connections and drive transformative results. Let us explore what Microsoft has on offer and how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can make a difference in service operations.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Personalised Service, Unified Customer Profiling

The solution offers an end-to-end, personalised customer service experience with unified customer profiling and intelligent service assistance. It can streamline customer interaction across multiple channels, including phone, email, social media platforms, chat, etc. The agents can quickly access order history, previous interactions, customer preferences, etc., on the centralised platform to enhance the customer journey with efficient, customised support. One of the vital functions of Dynamics 365 Customer Service is to automate routine tasks and processes. Overall, this potent tool offers personalised support, automation, and self-service options to drive customer loyalty.

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Smart Scheduling, Real-Time Data and AI-backed Solutions

To meet the customers’ evolving needs, Dynamics 365 Field Service can foster customer trust and loyalty by providing connected, empathetic service experiences with field service product capabilities. Empathetic service guarantees that the customer’s issues are thoroughly reviewed using data analysis and then maintains their critical machinery or devices fully functioning with intelligent monitoring and predictive maintenance. The service technicians are immediately alerted of any issues detected by customers’ IoT-enabled devices. The service technicians receive all the relevant problem-specific real-time information, and Machine Learning aids in choosing the best course of action to solve the problem. The technicians try to fix the problem remotely to save time and money using intelligent AI-powered measures. Considering service level agreements, anticipated travel patterns, and the technicians’ geolocation and skill set, you can schedule an onsite work order if the issue is complicated. With relevant work tools and work order data, the service technicians prepare for the service dispatch before going onsite and successfully resolving the problem.

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

Online Expert Collaboration to Solve Complex Issues

The service technicians can easily use Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on any mobile device or even go hands-free with HoloLens 2 if they encounter an unexpected and complicated problem onsite. On the Mixed Reality supported video call, the experts can guide the technicians with step-by-step 3D training instructions to solve the technical issue. It enables onsite service technicians to collaborate remotely with experts to resolve the problem simultaneously. Access to remote inspections integrating video, images and annotations can save unnecessary travel to the site and cut expenses.

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Smart Customer Feedback & Survey to Improve Service

The solution can capture real-time customer feedback and enable the company to forge meaningful customer relationships instantly. Customer Voice helps to customise surveys with ready-to-use templates easily. Customers receive personalised surveys at the right moment, and feedback can be recorded across any channel to continuously track customers’ experience with the products and services. When customers give feedback below a satisfactory level, the company gets notified immediately. Customer Voice uses a 360-degree view of customer data directly on the dashboard to proactively improve the customer experience with AI-suggested subsequent best action plans. The business can connect with its customers at crucial moments to provide an excellent experience thanks to predictive insights, customised workflows, and automatic alerts.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

AI-backed Data Insights for Enhanced Customer Engagement

The feature helps to analyse unified customer data using generative AI (Artificial Intelligence). With the available smart data and insights, a business can target the best region for an email campaign to promote any upcoming event and have enhanced customer engagement. Companies can deliver successful marketing campaigns and generate more revenue by taking control of customer data. The customer data includes updated transactional and behavioural demographic information, all subject to customer consent. By responding in real-time to customer feedback, the personalised and secured customer insights help businesses reduce customer churn and keep customers for life.


In this modern era, going beyond what customers expect starts with a connected experience that adapts to their changing needs, which entails a connection between customer service and field service. Interactive voice response enables self-service, and with AI-based accurate routing, customers can obtain a quick solution on their first call, which helps optimise service operations. Combining contextual data from prior encounters and real-time conversational analytics with AI to retain customers for life can foresee customers’ requirements and deliver even before their expectations.

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