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5 Warning Signs to Switch to a Cloud-based Dynamics 365 CRM

28 Mar 2023
5 Warning Signs to Switch to a Cloud-based Dynamics 365 CRM

The success of a business relies on the quality of service it delivers. A well-implemented CRM (Customer Relationship Management) assists businesses in enhancing customer satisfaction and streamlining operations that eventually drive better revenue growth. However, as a business grows, and evolves, the demand for advanced & upgraded CRM also increases. Taking businesses to new heights with outdated CRM becomes impossible; this is where a cloud-based Dynamics 365 CRM comes into action.

This write-up lets you dive into the five warning signs to switch to a cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We will throw light on everything from its long-term benefits, like increasing flexibility to improving customer engagement, and the advantages of adopting a cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics platform.

Let us get started with the blog:

5 Warning Signs to Switch to Cloud-based Dynamics 365 CRM Software Now!

Lack of Unified Data Platform

Did you know that sourcing data from multiple platforms leads to high productivity loss in the business? It results in a loss of efficiency and might demotivate your team when they do not get their hands on the information they seek when they need the most.

For example: Suppose your sales team is urgently seeking information about a customer to convert a lead, but they will have to search multiple spreadsheets to find it. This process may lead to losing or missing important information, wasting valuable time, and causing frustration. It might sometimes drain your energy and demoralise you due to the failure of getting the desired output.

Good CRM software from Dynamics 365 suite is a must-have option to overcome such situations.

How Microsoft Dynamics CRM help you with this?

It offers a unified data platform that enables businesses to bring together data from various sources, including Microsoft apps. A business can integrate its customer data from Office 365 into Dynamics 365 to have a comprehensive view of its customers. This way, we can avoid wasting time searching through multiple spreadsheets.

The Absence of Real-Time Visibility Over Customers

It is crucial to have access to real-time visibility over all business areas. Without access to real-time insights, a business loses numerous opportunities and cannot improve its operations instantly.

For example: If your team lacks real-time visibility over customers, they may miss valuable information about customer needs and preferences. This could lead to missed sales opportunities and lost revenue. However, we can outbid our competitors and access real-time tracking with the best CRM solution, i.e., Dynamics 365 CRM!!

How does Microsoft Dynamics CRM help you with this?

This advanced CRM solution enables a business to experience real-time visibility into various aspects of its business operations, including marketing, sales, customer service, finance, and operations. This allows you to track performance metrics and identify areas where productivity can be improved.

To maintain a competitive edge in today’s business landscape, companies must have access to valuable and real-time data insights. Therefore, it is highly recommended that businesses adopt Microsoft Dynamics CRM to stay ahead of the game.

Manual Workflows Dragging Down Productivity Levels

We live in a highly competitive business world with no room for manual workflows. Nowadays, businesses have shifted towards automation, increasing productivity and efficiency while allowing employees to focus on essential tasks by eliminating manual work.

But with the automation capabilities of Dynamics 365, organisations can save time, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.

Let us check how Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you with this.

The built-in automated sales & marketing feature in the Dynamics 365 CRM helps businesses automate the lead nurturing process. Your email marketing team can automatically send follow-up emails, schedule appointments, and monitor client interactions. Consequently, the sales and marketing department gets enough time to focus on other vital workflows. Moreover, they can ensure that every potential customer is noticed and that every lead is handled diligently and professionally.

Lack of Upgraded CRM System

Outbidding competitors is one of the most challenging tasks unless you do not have access to a strategic and right CRM platform offering innovative functionalities. You cannot stay ahead of the pack if you are still working with an outdated CRM system. Making use of smart AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology in Microsoft Dynamics CRM software allows your business to tap into limitless revenue opportunities easily.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales CRM software simplifies the sales process by providing AI insights that can help close more deals, notifying your team about stalled or at-risk deals, and recommending ways to improve account relationships.

Non-Scalability and Limited Growth

Is your business experiencing limited growth? If yes then, having effective CRM software alongside you is highly recommended. As your organisation grows, it becomes imperative for your CRM solution to be increasingly flexible. If you fail to scale instantly with your existing CRM solution, you cannot get ahead of the pack in the market.

How Dynamics 365 help you overcome this situation?

The upgraded or advanced CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM (cloud-based infrastructure) enables businesses to scale up or down their operations as per their requirements to reduce costs. Simply, businesses can easily add or remove users without further investment in additional software. You can ensure maximum utilisation of your resources and do smart scheduling as per the demand to increase cost savings.

Since we have covered the warning signs that your business needs a CRM, it becomes easier for you to start your digital transformation journey. Let us take you through the best CRM (Customer Relationship Management) from the house of Microsoft.

List of Data-Driven CRM Software Solutions Offered by Microsoft

Do not let your business miss any growth opportunities. Choose the required integrated CRM solutions from the above list and contact the team of dynamics 365 consultants at Dynamics Square to understand and analyse your business requirement and get the customised enterprise solutions to stay ahead.


In conclusion, identifying the warning signs that indicate a need for a shift towards a cloud-based Dynamics 365 CRM is crucial for businesses to remain competitive and efficient. Businesses can proactively address these issues before they negatively impact operations and customer relationships by paying attention to warning signs such as the lack of a unified data platform, real-time visibility, automation in business areas, and more. Henceforth, it is high time to embrace this NexGen Tech-Driven technology, and get a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implemented, to ensure your business's long-term success and growth.

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