Connect Microsoft Dynamics to the world’s largest open business network

Connect to Pagero and achieve 100% digital flows of orders, invoices and other message types within your buying and selling and processes – with any business, globally.

Pagero Add-On Solutions

A single solution for P2P and O2C processes

Pagero integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Dynamics, ensuring only accurate data is processed to streamline your P2P and O2C processes. Reduce manual processes and error-handling, achieve greater operational efficiency, and enable employees to focus on value-added activities within your organisation.

Solution Details and Features Availability

Technical Support - Dynamics Square E-invoicing

Connect to and receive e-invoices from over 4.5M senders.

Technical Support - Dynamics Square Supplier Portal

An easy way to connect all your suppliers regardless of their digital capabilities.

Technical Support - Dynamics Square Invoice Data Capture

Automate emailed invoice receipt and data capture.

Technical Support - Dynamics Square Supplier onboarding

Pagero offers fully managed supplier onboarding as a service tailored to your strategies and goals of your business.

Pagero Solution Details and Features Availability

Additional Add on Services

Pagero Add on Services

Technical Support - Dynamics Square Pagero invoice audit

validate your invoices before uploading them to your financial system.

Technical Support - Dynamics Square Pagero analytics

line-level access to invoice data in real time.

Technical Support - Dynamics Square E-banking

pay suppliers with Pagero e-banking – a secure and scalable way to manage payments and financial forecasting.

Technical Support - Dynamics Square Paper-to-e

get notified when suppliers are e-ready and start receiving their e-invoices instead of paper or PDF.

Technical Support - Dynamics Square E-procurement

use Pagero to digitalise and streamline the entire P2P process.

Technical Support - Dynamics Square E-archive

store invoices for easy searchability whilst fulfilling local legal requirements.

Technical Support - Dynamics Square Data validation

automatically validate invoice content to ensure accuracy and reduce error handling.

Technical Support - Dynamics SquareData enrichment

automatically correct and complete invoice data to meet system requirements.

Technical Support - Dynamics Square Fulfil local e-invoice and tax regulations worldwide.

Pagero is an accredited Peppol Service Provider by the ATO and MBIE for Australia and New Zealand and approved by local Authorities for traffic in all Peppol regions globally. Read more about the Australian government’s e-invoicing mandate announcement here.

Pagero Add-On Solutions


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See how it works. Take a closer look at how Pageros’ AP Automation service helps businesses digitalise and automate their Supplier invoicing process:

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