The Marketing Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics

The Leading Marketing Platform for Microsoft Dynamics

Marketers today operate in a world where the number of marketing solutions is overwhelming, the tools they need to succeed are either too expensive or too complex, and the skillsets required to do it all and do it right are rarely found in a single marketing team.

The ClickDimensions marketing platform, natively built within Microsoft Dynamics, solves those challenges by offering a single unified marketing, analytics and services platform that allows you to leverage these tools to their full potential while driving continual improvement in your marketing results – all provided at the best value in the market.

ClickDimensions exists to help marketers create amazing experiences that drive growth and engagement

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100% Native to Microsoft Dynamics

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Partners Across 76 Countries

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10 Years in Business

The ClickDimensions Marketing Platform

ClickDimensions is the only unified marketing, analytics and services platform in the market for organizations that use Dynamics.

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Marketing Applications

Digital marketing applications designed to drive growth and engagement – at the best price in the market

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Marketing Analytics

An enterprise-grade marketing intelligence suite to unify and analyze marketing, sales and customer data

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Marketing Services

Comprehensive customer success, managed services and support with expertise in marketing and Microsoft Dynamics

Marketing Automation Application for Microsoft Dynamics

The ClickDimensions marketing automation platform helps Microsoft Dynamics users worldwide achieve more with their marketing. Our marketing automation solution includes essential marketing tools like email marketing, campaign automation, web intelligence, surveys, web forms and landing pages, social marketing and more to help our customers attract more leads, close more sales and more effectively engage customers. Explore our full feature set below.

Marketing Automation Demo Video

Social Marketing Application

Social Marketing Application for Microsoft Dynamics

ClickDimensions Social Marketing is a complete social media marketing platform for Microsoft Dynamics users and is designed specifically for B2B marketers who need smart, time-saving solutions that maximize their social media ROI. The social marketing platform is the perfect upgrade to the social media features available out of the box in ClickDimensions.

ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards

Marketers today have access to more data than ever before, yet they are often still unable to efficiently report on the specific sales and marketing activities that are driving revenue, and which are driving it most effectively. Disconnected tools and manual reporting processes stand in the way of marketing teams seeing the whole picture. ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards, powered by Sweetspot was designed to eliminate these challenges.

Intelligent Dashboards

What Makes the ClickDimensions Marketing Platform Unique

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100% Native

Multichannel marketing applications that work natively as “one solution” with Microsoft Dynamics

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Services to optimize performance and deliver better outcomes

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Data-driven analytics to measure what activities are driving business results

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Cultivating efficiency and better outreach

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Why Dynamics Square?

At Dynamics Square, our experience of blending marketing, analytics and services together to create one unified platform makes it easy for you to take all marketing related initiatives such as email marketing, campaign automation, surveys, web intelligence, social marketing, web forms, landing pages etc. to attract more leads, close them confidently and engage customers more effectively.

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Seasoned Professionals

Our proficient workforce is equipped with smart business solutions and modern technologies to ensure overall business growth.

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Innovative Approach

We understand, devise, and deliver future-ready solutions intelligently personalized to effectively serve the unique business needs.

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Result-Driven Methodologies

We sincerely relish seeing businesses growing by implementing intelligent solutions smartly developed by our experts

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