SharePoint: Strengthening Team

A website is the most crucial entity for any organisation. It conveys the organisation’s vision, values, nature of work, news, and updates. However, the information that is available to customers is vastly different from the information available to the people in the organisation. Using Microsoft SharePoint, organisations can create team sites which can be used to store and share information about projects with their intended audience.

Microsoft SharePoint is a team collaboration software that is designed to connect different team-related and project-related sites. You can also use it as a foundation for your organisation’s intra-network. Through Microsoft SharePoint, you are able to share company news and information easily across your organisation.

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Organize Business Process In a Perfect Way!

Few solutions help collaborate like Microsoft SharePoint. Organizations using the SharePoint Solution get to calibrate their teams to work closely and achieve more. The biggest quality of the solution is its ability to adapt to the dynamics of an organization which change every now and then. SharePoint helps organizations publish content, share ideas and manage projects with utmost transparency across all divisions of the organization.

SharePoint, as it is more popularly referred to, also collaborates with Yammer, popular social network.

Secure Data Storage and Sharing

Teams working on high-level projects require a safe and secure platform to exchange confidential information. Loss of data can have severe ethical and, perhaps, legal consequences. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 ensures data is securely transmitted and stored while providing access to only designated people.

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 can be used to update and manage your on-premises infrastructure, helping you perform and innovate better. You can customise web parts, encrypt connections, preview videos and images, upload and download files larger than 2GB, and do much more. Thus, you have greater control over your data and ensure a hassle-free collaboration over the web.

You can use Microsoft SharePoint Server as a standalone application or as a hybrid implementation with Office 365. Therefore, you have the flexibility of using both on-premises features as well as the cloud to manage data.

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Improve Efficiency of Teams

Accurate information is important for teams to deliver projects on time. There should be a unified platform for them to discuss and share information whenever the need arises. Microsoft SharePoint allows teams to connect seamlessly across devices and locations. It follows a streamlined design which helps data and information flow freely from one channel to another.

Collaborative features in Microsoft SharePoint include discussion boards, announcement lists, event lists, social networking, task lists, and document workspaces. With all these features at their disposal, multiple teams can work together and accelerate the project’s progress. The knowledge available through the SharePoint also creates a more productive environment. The collaborative space offered by Microsoft SharePoint improves the efficiency of teams and enables them to contribute ideas which can add value to the project.

Build Solutions That You Want

In a fast-paced business environment, you do not have time to hire and train web developers and content managers. You have to respond to business needs immediately while maintaining a professional attitude. In doing so, you are not only staying ahead of your competition but are also smartly cutting costs.

Microsoft SharePoint helps you build a website, update the existing one, or migrate to a more state-of-the-art website within a few minutes. The comprehensive list of features allows you to widen your scope and provide solutions faster. You also no longer have to deal with complex lines of codes. Here, you have the freedom to choose what you want and how you want it.

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 is easy to use. You can, therefore, create online tools, team sites, websites, or software solutions on a single platform.

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Designing SharePoint

Access Files Offline

When you are working from home, you may not have access to data through the company’s intranet. You may want to upload and download large files onto your system and work offline without any trouble. Microsoft SharePoint allows you to sync documents and files with your local machine and provides access to them offline via OneDrive.

OneDrive for Business is an online file hosting service through which you can sync important files and use them at a later time. You can use the files on any device at any time, giving you the flexibility to work on your own terms. With 1 TB of space in the cloud, which can be modified depending on the requirement, OneDrive offers an enormous amount of storage so you can have all your work organised in a single place.